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Well-being Advent Calendar for December

Well-being Advent Calendar For December

This December, we offer you a well-being calendar because December is a month rich in celebration.

Indeed, it is the month of great celebrations all over the world and taking care of your well-being is therefore essential.

Among the most famous celebrations we find by date:

  • December 1st : World AIDS Day
  • December 3rd : Presentation of the Virgin Mary in the Temple of Jerusalem.
  • December 6th: St. Nicholas: Feast of St. Nicholas, bishop of Myre in the fourth century, predecessor of Santa Claus, patron saint of children.
  • December 8th : Immaculate Conception of Mary: Catholic feast of Mary, conceived without the mark of original sin.
  • December 8th: World Climate Day
  • December 8th : Bodhi: Mahayana festival of the spiritual awakening of the Buddha under the tree of enlightenment.
  • December 10th : International Human Rights Day (instituted by the UN in 1950) 
  • December 11th : International Mountain Day
  • December 13th: International Raclette Day
  • December 16th : International Christmas Sweater Day – get your sweaters!
  • December 19th : Hanukkah (December 19-26): Festival of lights commemorating the liberation of the Temple of Jerusalem in -164 (miracle of the oil lamp).
  • December 20th : International Day of Human Solidarity
  • December 25th : Christmas: Great feast of the birth of Jesus, already celebrated from the evening of the 24th.
  • December 26th : Zartusht-no Diso: In Iran, commemoration of the death of Zarathustra.
  • December 31st : New Year’s eve

You will have understood, with so many celebrations in one month, that taking care of yourself will allow you to preserve your health, to slow down, to unload stress, to better manage your emotions and your daily energy, but also to better reconnect to yourself and your deepest needs.


And in addition to our calendar, here are some more activities to try:

  • Breathing
  • Running
  • Move according to your energy level
  • Meditate
  • Listen to music or a podcast depending on your mood
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Make a list of things you like to do, things that make you feel good
  • List the things you are grateful for
  • Cook intuitively or follow a recipe
  • Try a creative activity (drawing, painting, singing, dancing, …)
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