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Vehicles storage and transportation for an OEM

Vehicles Storage And Transportation For An OEM

SNECI recently provided a complete logistics solution to a major player in importing electric vehicles in Europe. The vehicles were delivered by sea to the port of Antwerp. Our mission included the storage and transportation of these vehicles to car rental dealers in France.

In the second phase, we provided a logistics service for the transport of spare parts for these vehicles.

Complete logistics service: storage, inspection, and transportation of vehicles

Our service consisted of storing, organizing the batches, and optimizing the routes to deliver the finished vehicles to the various dealers in the territory. As our tank farms were exposed to the open air, the vehicles were carefully prepared in advance of the arrival of the transport trucks.

In order to facilitate operations, we have set up an extranet to view for each vehicle fleet:

– Date of arrival (for each vehicle),

– Departure date (for each vehicle),

– Tank farm occupancy rate,

– CMR transport.

We aimed to optimize transport as much as possible and ensure that vehicles were stored for the shortest possible time.

Our service included:

– Price of upstream transport,

– Storage price,

– Price of final transport.

 Additional service: storage and transport of spare parts

We also provided our client with a logistics solution for spare parts for rental vehicles.

This service, carried out by us, in collaboration with one of our partner warehouses, included the following elements:

– Storage of parts,

– Reconditioning of parts for optimization of transport,

– Transport and delivery of parts.

A tailor-made service

 SNECI Activities

  • Manage downstream Supply Chain to supply the French dealers.
  • Daily follow-up with the OEM (our client).
  • Assure the quality of the Supply Chain to satisfy the dealer demand.


  • Avoid long-term storage and manage just-in-time flows.
  • Anticipation of batches to optimize buying and selling costs.
  • Management of the truck fleet and drivers’ schedules, with the necessity of appointments with dealers.
  • 1000 Vehicles delivered within 6 months (from 2 storage parks in France to various dealers in more than thirty French cities).
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