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SNECI nominated for a Suppliers’ Rank-Up mission by a Chinese OEM

SNECI Nominated For A Suppliers’ Rank-Up Mission By A Chinese OEM

SNECI has been nominated for a Suppliers’ Rank-Up mission by a Chinese OEM to ensure quality and delivery deadlines.

SNECI is responsible to rank up a dozen of a Chinese OEM’s critical suppliers located all over China (Ningbo, Shenyang, Beijing, Chengdu), in very different technologies and product lines including stamping, plastic injection, engine parts, seats, and interior trim. Moreover, this mission may eventually be extended to other OEM’s suppliers.

First, SNECI will carry out a complete industrial diagnosis of each supplier by following the VDA6.3 standard, by mapping material & information flows, by evaluating production capacity and assessing the inventory control systems along with production plans. This will allow the identification of the areas for improvement, make recommendations and then define robust action plans together with the Top Management of suppliers with road maps, KPIs targets, time schedule, resource allocation and steering committees setting-up.

Second, SNECI teams will provide their operational expertise to supplier teams to deploy actions, new tools, standards and managerial practices, in order to achieve the defined objectives. SNECI teams will also support the implementation of quality firewalls to guarantee the quality of the delivered products. In a meantime, SNECI will lead problem-solving workshop like 8D, QRQC or TPM to eliminate the root causes of recurring problems all the way to their complete eradication. Finally, SNECI will ensure the control and monitoring of production plans, inventories and Tier 2 supply requests to avoid any shortage of raw materials.

“SNECI has been nominated thanks to its deep knowledge of this OEM’s methodologies, Lean Manufacturing expertise and know-how in Suppliers’ Rank-Up in order to apply industry best practices and meet the specific requirements of the OEM,” States Mathieu Mutter, Industrial Performance Director at SNECI. “We had already worked on this type of missions in other parts of the world (Europe, Middle East, Africa and India), fully satisfying our clients.”

According to Stanislas Bailly, Managing Director at SNECI, “with the car market declining in China for the first time in nearly 30 years, carmakers will have to differentiate themselves on perceived quality, which means improving the quality of their suppliers. We are confident that Supplier Development needs in China will increase in next years both among international OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. We are strengthening our teams in China to meet this demand.”

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