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Market study, essential to define your tailor-made strategy

Develop your business internationally, thanks to our experts offering you market study that meets your ambitions to set up the best possible strategy.

We provide our clients with the knowledge and information necessary to better understand the sectors and markets in order to define strategies adapted to their situation.

Number of studies conducted
Number of countries involved
Business opportunities identified
Customer satisfaction

Details of the service

  • Identification of potential customers, partners and competitors in a given geographical area
  • SWOT analysis
  • Detection of market opportunities after a first approach of potential customers
  • Study of the economic and technological positioning of solutions
  • Elaboration of a market penetration and marketing strategy
  • Creation of business plans and associated investment proposals


  • Specialized in international strategic support for 70 years, with more than 150 industrial clients, from SMEs to large groups, in France and abroad
  • Knowledge of market characteristics (clients and partners in 50+ countries)
  • Knowledge of cultural specificities in the business world (20 nationalities and 10 subsidiaries at SNECI)
  • Expertise of the industrial world
  • Tailor-made analyses thanks to dedicated teams

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