Supplier Quality & Audits - QF-3 - Inter/Intra
This training gives you a complex approach to audits, it is aimed at those who wish to assimilate and implement a structured approach, organize and perform audits of production processes.
1 day All SNECI premises

    Training content

    • Phase 1: Prerequisite definition for PSA and objectives of the audit
    • Phase 2: Discovering the QIP tool
    • Phase 3: Analysis of audit documents
    • Phase 4: Group work around QSB + items
    • Phase 5: Build an action plan
    • Phase 6: Validation of action plan


    The acquired knowledge is evaluated and validated at the end of the training through a quiz.
    This test is self-corrected with the participants and the trainer.
    Participants will receive a certificate of participation in the training.

    Training methodology

    The teaching methodology is based on group dynamics:
Training very practical, it alternates methodological contributions and interactions of the participants.

    Option: Internal Audit

    In addition to this training session and in case of in-company course, SNECI trainer & auditor can perform with your teams an internal audits:

    • NSA internal audit : 1,5 days.
    • QSB+ internal audit : 2 days.
    • PCPA internal audit: 1 day.


    QIP : Quality Industrial Performance
    NSA : New Supplier Assessment
    QSB : Quality Supplier Basic
    PCPA: Process Control Plan Audit

    Intended audience

    • Quality Manager / Director
    • Production Manager
    • Method Manager
    • Project team
    • Maintenance manager
    • Logistic Manager

    Objectives and results

    • Understand the concepts and the conduct of an audit of QIP PSA
    • To be able to build a QIP audit preparation frame.


    Experience in quality audit.

    Your trainer

    Training is provided by a SNECI referent QIP qualified by PSA.

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