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Automotive Meetings Tangier-Med: come and meet SNECI!










Sneci participates in the Automotive Meetings

SNECI is excited to announce its participation in the Automotive Meetings taking place in Morocco, from November 23rd to 25th. Held under the auspices of the Moroccan Automotive Industries Association (AMICA), this event represents a significant opportunity. SNECI can showcase its expertise and connect with key players in the region’s thriving automotive sector.

Will be present: Reda Layt, General Manager of SNECI Middle East & Africa, and Hicham Mesmoudi, Manager of Quality Audit and Training for MEA. Both experts eagerly anticipate welcoming visitors to the SNECI booth, located within the Engineering area. Attendees are encouraged to engage in face-to-face discussions to explore how SNECI can empower their companies in Morocco.

Whether you’re a foreign business seeking to establish a foothold in Morocco’s dynamic automotive landscape or a local company aiming to optimize your industrial performance, SNECI has the solutions you need. During the Automotive Meetings, SNECI’s representatives will be happy to discuss:

  • Market Entry Support: SNECI’s extensive experience and network within Morocco can facilitate your smooth entry into the market, navigating regulations, identifying potential partners, and securing the necessary resources.
  • Operational Excellence: From quality management systems and lean manufacturing practices to process optimization and training programs, SNECI can help you streamline your operations and achieve peak efficiency.
  • Technical Expertise: SNECI boasts a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians specializing in various automotive domains, ready to assist you with your technical challenges and projects.
  • Localization Solutions: SNECI can guide you through the intricacies of sourcing locally, complying with regulations, and building a robust supply chain within Morocco.

By participating in the Automotive Meetings, SNECI aims to solidify its position. We seek to advise automotive companies in Morocco and beyond. The event provides a valuable platform for SNECI to connect with industry leaders. We can share our expertise, and contribute to the continued growth and development of the Moroccan automotive sector.

So, if you’re attending the Automotive Meetings in Tangier, be sure to visit the SNECI booth. Explore how their solutions can help your company thrive in Morocco’s flourishing automotive industry.

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