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Quality assurance: SNECI’s expertise selected by Renault in China


In accordance with its Quality continuous improvement program, Renault has decided to implement an activity whose purpose is to control the quality of parts and industrialization lead times from the very start of production of plastic injection tools. This activity consists in identifying any risk related to quality upstream and correcting it during the first steps of development of molds.

The Renault group entrusted SNECI with the mission of accompanying the group’s tool-makers and suppliers thereof during the whole tooling development process in China.

SNECI’s missions include ensuring that the tools’ reference and development schedules are in sync with the master schedule for each vehicle project, supervising mock-ups and means of control and validating the conformity of parts before each test and for the delivery of VC batches.

SNECI started this activity in November 2016 with a team of Chinese engineers based in Beijing and Shanghai. 7 expert tool-makers should make up the team in the long run.

SNECI has developed specific training sessions to Renault suppliers. in their quality management. Check it out here.

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