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Cadillac: back in Europe after years of absence?

Cadillac: Back In Europe After Years Of Absence?

Cadillac, General Motors’ luxury brand, is making a discreet but ambitious comeback in Europe 7 years after the American group left the Old Continent. The spearhead of this reconquest is the Lyriq, an imposing electric SUV distinguished by its bold design, high performance and upscale positioning.


A bet on “American luxury” and avant-gardism

Cadillac has chosen to capitalize on its “American luxury” brand image to set itself apart from the European competition. The Lyriq, with its stretched silhouette, imposing grille and huge curved screen, is a striking presence in the European automotive landscape. The vehicle is not for those who want to blend in with the crowd.


A vehicle with a sporty design and atypical features

The Lyriq is an imposing vehicle: 5 meters long, 2.7 tons and a 102 kWh battery – as much as the biggest Tesla. It has a range of 530 kilometers and 528 horsepower. It has been designed to offer a unique driving experience. Its silhouette contrasts with its 2.7-tonne weight, but Cadillac ensures that the vehicle remains agile and maneuverable.


A model adapted to the European market

Cadillac has adapted the Lyriq to the tastes of European motorists, notably by making its suspension firmer.


Innovative pricing and distribution

The price has not yet been announced for France, but it should be similar to that for Sweden, at around 82,000 euros. Cadillac is opting for a 100% digital distribution model for the Lyriq. Customers will be able to purchase the vehicle directly via an online platform, without going through a traditional dealer network. This strategy is a risky gamble, but it could enable Cadillac to cut costs and get closer to its customers.


Lyriq, the first step in a larger plan

Cadillac’s return to Europe is not limited to the Lyriq. Other, less exotic models should be added to the catalog in the years to come. In this way, General Motors hopes to win back market share on a continent that has made the transition to electric vehicles a top priority.


A daring but risky gamble

The success of Cadillac’s return to Europe will depend on several factors:

  • General Motors’ ability to offer an attractive and competitive range of models,
  • Cadillac’s adaptation to the expectations of European motorists,
  • The success of digital distribution.


Cadillac returns to Europe: CONCLUSION

General Motors left Europe in 2017 after selling its Opel brand to the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group. The American group is returning to the Old Continent with caution, aware of the fierce competition in the electric SUV segment.

Cadillac’s return to Europe is a bold and ambitious gamble. The Lyriq is an interesting vehicle with the potential to appeal to lovers of luxury and avant-gardism. However, the success of this strategy is not guaranteed and will depend on General Motors’ ability to adapt to the demands of the European market.


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