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SNECI supports a Chinese supplier of Power Electronics

SNECI Supports A Chinese Supplier Of Power Electronics

SNECI, which opened its Chinese office in 2011, is currently experiencing strong growth of its business in China, particularly in relation to assessment and rank-up of suppliers.

Despite the fact that many international companies are re-assessing their Supply Chain, trying to reorganize geographically their suppliers, China continues to be the factory of the world. Especially, when it comes to hybrid and electrical vehicles.

China has been leading the way in imposing electrified vehicles on its roads. There were over 1.3 million electrified vehicles sold in China in 2020, matching the European level. As a result, several leading suppliers in Power Electronics are based in China nowadays.

SNECI is currently working with a Chinese supplier in Power Electronics, which produces high voltage systems such as flexible busbars, motor controllers, charging sockets, and charging devices, to improve its quality and logistics.

Our local teams started the collaboration with an audit of the supplier using our internal ISA (Industrial Supplier Assessment) tool. Next, we presented the list of identified issues and the action plan to the client’s top management.

Moreover, we clarified the requests of global carmakers to the supplier concerning the projects currently in development. Then, we have defined the areas on which we would train and coach the supplier during several months. Among the fields of training proposed:

  • 5 quality tools 
  • VDA 6.3/6,5 standard 
  • Quality improvement 
  • Problem-solving 
  • CQI/ Welding ASME IX &NB/T 47014
  • MMOGLE /3 plants logistic management 

“We know the potential of Power Electronics for the years to come, which is why we have decided to reinforce our competencies in that field, not only in China but also in Korea, South-East Asia, and Europe”, according to Stanislas Bailly, SNECI Managing Director. “Coupled with our strong know-how in industrial assessment and rank-up, we are capable to support new players in the automotive industry, such as Power Electronics suppliers, to help them reach the quality level and service rate required by the carmakers. These newcomers often have a tendency to underestimate the costs of non-quality and ineffective logistics.”

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