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Purchasing Restructuring in the mining industry in Africa

Purchasing Restructuring In The Mining Industry In Africa

Purchasing Restructuring and Change Management

SNECI was recently commissioned by a mining company in Africa to structure and set up a new purchasing organization. The company had identified a need to transform its purchasing function to be aligned with Group best practices and to achieve better results.

SNECI sent an expert to Africa for a period of nine months to help the company implement a purchasing change management program. The program focused on the following areas:

  • Deploy a locally adapted purchasing change management methodology
  • Transform the purchasing function to align it with Group best practices
  • Support the management team in transition
  • Coach and develop the purchasing team’s competencies
  • Participate in new purchasing developments and the appropriation of new administration tools

SNECI’s expert worked closely with the company’s management team and purchasing team to develop and implement a new purchasing strategy and operating model. The expert also provided training and coaching to the purchasing team to help them develop the skills and knowledge they needed to be successful in the new environment.

As a result of our intervention, our client was able to:

  • achieve purchasing excellence,
  • create a more efficient supply chain, which is key in the mining industry,
  • meet the Group’s expectations in terms of CSR requirements.


Our intervention with this company in the mining industry has been a success.

SNECI’s expertise in purchasing restructuring can help companies to achieve significant improvements in their supply chain efficiency and performance. SNECI’s team of experts can work closely with companies to develop and implement a customized purchasing restructuring program that meets the specific needs of the company.

For more information or to get support in Purchasing Restructuring, please contact us at or via our contact page.

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