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Reindustrialization: “Turnkey Sites France 2030” system

Reindustrialization: “Turnkey Sites France 2030” System

Since 2017, France has embarked on an ambitious reindustrialization process, opening 600 factories across the territory. The government has established the innovative “Turnkey Sites France 2030” system to support this dynamic.

Facilitate industrial establishment in France

The “Turnkey Sites France 2030” system simplifies the establishment of factories by identifying and labeling ready-to-use industrial sites. Reducing administrative delays promotes the creation of local jobs and the revitalization of industrial areas. This approach responds to the urgent needs of companies wishing to set up in France, by offering suitable and operational land.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Following environmental issues, this system aims to limit the artificialization of soils by promoting the rehabilitation of industrial wastelands. This sustainable approach contributes to the preservation of local ecosystems and the fight against climate change. By encouraging the reuse of already exploited land, the system also contributes to preserving natural and agricultural areas, while ensuring responsible industrial development.

The First 55 Sites Revealed

The French government recently revealed the first 55 sites of the “Sites Clés en Main France 2030” system. Thus, this marks an important step in the country’s reindustrialization process. Consequently, these sites represent opportunities for investors and companies wishing to establish themselves in France. The selected infrastructures benefit from careful preparation for rapid and efficient installation. Some sites will be available in 2024 and others by 2030.

Discover the list of the first 55 sites.

SNECI’s Strategic Contribution

SNECI, an expert in services linked to industry and commercial development, plays an essential role in supporting industrial projects. Our company helps companies optimize their production processes, strengthen their competitiveness, and seize new growth opportunities thanks to its expertise. SNECI provides significant added value by offering tailor-made strategies to maximize the success of industrial projects in France.

A Promising Future for French Industry

Indeed, the “Turnkey Sites France 2030” system represents a major opportunity for the reindustrialization of France. This system aims for a prosperous future of job creation, industrial growth, and responsible development.

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