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8 tools to improve industrial performance and business development

8 Tools To Improve Industrial Performance And Business Development

In order to support our customers in their activities, SNECI, a company with almost 70 years of existence and expertise, offers many tools dedicated to improve industrial and commercial performance.

Indeed, we take care to develop and adapt our tools according to the evolution of our customers’ needs and industries.


ISA (Industrial Supplier Assessment): an assessment tool designed by SNECI:

 ISA assessment tool is an evaluation tool that allows industrial audits and diagnoses to be carried out.

Developed by SNECI’s Industrial Performance experts, the ISA allows the evaluation of various industrial aspects on different themes such as

  • Production & Quality
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Research and Development
  • Sustainable Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Finance

This complete tool allows not only to check the quality of a supplier but also its industrial performance as well as other aspects of the company. It is a complete tool when you want to audit a supplier for example.

ISA allows you to organize and structure an action plan with a detailed schedule and specifications. Once this diagnosis has been carried out, SNECI is able to explain to its customers the priority actions to be taken and the resources to be put in place in order to bring about rapid operational improvements and to correct the discrepancies observed.

For example, we conducted an ISA audit for a car manufacturer with a tier 3 Turkish supplier. SNECI’s auditors and experts carried out a complete evaluation of this supplier in order to ensure the proper launch of the car manufacturer’s project.

We are regularly solicited by industrialists or suppliers wishing to audit their suppliers thanks to our tool which can be tailor-made, either by assessing all the criteria or by limiting to some, depending on the needs of each industry and each customer.


The Stellantis assessment tool QIP (Quality Industrial Performance) framework: NSA, PCPA, QSB + Audit preparation:

At SNECI, we also help our clients to meet Stellantis’ requirements in order to successfully pass their audits. We have been an accredited partner of Stellantis since 2015 and have multiple auditors who have performed over 250 audits worldwide.

Indeed, the Stellantis group uses the QIP (Quality Industrial Performance) standard to evaluate the industrial performance of its current and future suppliers. It consists of three types of audits (NSA, PCPA and QSB+), each corresponding to a different phase of the production life cycle.

  • The NSA (New Supplier Assessment) is an audit of new production sites and is the first mandatory step to becoming a Stellantis supplier. It assesses the supplier’s level of industrialization maturity and its operational capacity to launch new projects.
  • The PCPA (Process Control Plan Audit) is a process audit performed during the industrialization phase to confirm the supplier’s qualification status.
  • Finally, there is the QSB+ (Quality Standard Basics). This is a structural audit performed during the mass production phase to assess the implementation of key QSB+ elements in the supplier’s production system.

The Stellantis QIP is designed to help suppliers to prepare for Stellantis audits and meet a variety of objectives, such as identifying and resolving gaps between their current supplier system and the Stellantis standards, helping suppliers succeed in customer certification, and assisting them in preparing an action plan to comply with the manufacturer’s requirements.


SNECI training and coaching modules


SNECI offers many training classes and coaching to improve the skills of our customers.

They can be specific for the automotive industry (some accredited by FIEV or provided by the SIA) or more general across industries (especially for the audit, quality, and management of industrial performance …)

They are given by our experts and accredited trainers, external consultants and/or industry professionals.

They include theory and case studies, online and/or face-to-face courses as well as customized modules according to the specific needs of each participant.

Our courses cover a wide range of topics:

  • Automotive Fundamentals (IATF, VDA, FIEV)
  • Customer Specific Requirements (Stellantis, Renault)
  • Quality Tools and Standards (FMEA, SPC, MSA, RCA)
  • Production & Lean Manufacturing (5S, VSM, SMED)
  • Purchasing and Cost Management (Monozukuri)
  • Logistics Standards and Tools (MMOG/LE)
  • Managerial & Soft Skills
  • EV (Electric Vehicle) and ADAS technology
  • Automotive Safety and Security

These courses are offered not only in France but also in the rest of the world thanks to our local trainers and auditors. They can be face-to-face or distance learning.

SNECI, moreover the exclusive partner of GALIA for supply chain missions, has carried out more than 50 “Supply Chain” training courses in compliance with the MMOG/LE world standard over the last 3 years.


Sourcing Process :

Thanks to our expertise in the field, at SNECI we are able to support our customers in their sourcing process. Our teams of engineers, auditors and buyers ensure the smooth running of this process, which consists of several steps :

  • Identify competing suppliers
  • Send a request for information to suppliers (R.F.I)
  • Establish a request for technical & commercial quotation (R.F.Q)
  • Conducting full supplier audits and evaluations
  • Make a recommendation of potential suppliers

We do everything possible to ensure efficient sourcing and outsourcing of one or more services in order to reduce the fixed costs associated with this process.


Suppliers database :

 At SNECI we have a supplier database of more than 12,000 automotive suppliers in France and abroad, across all commodities. These suppliers are qualified thanks to our international footprint and our expertise in audit.

This way, our customers who are looking for new potential suppliers or specific parts, can benefit from our large network.

This privileged contact with the various suppliers also allows us to save time.


Local Integration :

 We support our customers in the local integration process with an excellent understanding of the cost structures in different countries, of international supply chain and of custom duties. This also requires precise understanding of the products and the associated investments (R&D, toolings, …).

We have a team composed of experts in products/processes, sourcing, industrialization, supply chain and local taxation, which allows us to ensure the smooth running of missions related to local integration.

These missions are divided into several stages:

  • Break down and analyze the product concerned by function, then by component
  • Estimate the total cost of ownership and investment (CAPEX, R&D) for each component, taking into account their production sites
  • Identify the best components/functions to integrate locally with a minimum investment
  • Identify the potential local supplier by vehicle function
  • Establish a backward planning from the beginning of the production (SOP) to the appointment of the local supplier

We have recently assisted a major car manufacturer for a local integration in Malaysia.


Monozukuri Workshop :

Monozukuri is a Japanese term that designates a cost optimization method on the whole value creation chain (product and process R&D, sourcing, production, supply chain). The goal of a Monozukuri workshop is to propose a win-win solution between the supplier and the industrialist without degrading the margins and the relationship.

Cost reduction is a crucial element in any process. The Monozukuri workshops organized by SNECI aim to help you reduce your costs.

This workshop is aimed at anyone in charge of cost reduction, whatever the field concerned: product & process, engineering, purchasing, cost control, logistics, quality, maintenance & production…

SNECI supports its customers at every stage to ensure maximum cost reduction. This is achieved through several key actions:

  •  Analysis of the cost structure
  • Identification of cost reduction lines
  • Joint workshops on supplier and customer sites
  • Identification of waste & proposals for improvement
  • Valuation of savings
  • Concrete application of cost reduction

During the last three years, SNECI has carried out nearly 223 missions, including 49 in purchasing & local integration, 51 in purchasing cost allocation, 41 in supply chain and 82 in ecotech (savings linked to technology).

A solution which, in these times of crisis, where industrials and suppliers are affected, could well be useful to all.


Door to Door Logistics Management:

Whether you are a manufacturer or a supplier, SNECI can help you to optimize and manage your supply chain.

The objective is to help you optimize your resources, avoid risks related to production/delivery stoppages and rationalize operations with limited costs.

To do this, SNECI has set up various processes to ensure relevant management of the supply chain:

  • Cost simulation
  • Analysis of different scenarios to optimize the total cost of the supply chain
  • Global sourcing of logistics services providers
  • Implementation of previously defined processes
  • Daily management of operations, which can go up to following payments of the final customer

SNECI has recently successfully managed a complete supply chain from China for automotive brake pads and discs, with more than 1000 references delivered on a daily basis.

If you too would like to have a personalized support in one of the above-mentioned fields, do not hesitate to contact us.

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