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Get to know PSA B2B Tools with SNECI expert training

Get To Know PSA B2B Tools With SNECI Expert Training

With its five car brands – Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel, and Vauxhall – PSA Group is today Europe’s second largest car manufacturer. The acquisition of General Motors’ European business along with the numerous launches of new projects requires PSA to continuously enlarge its supplier panel.

As an official provider of NSA (New Supplier Assessment), SNECI supports PSA Group during its suppliers’ selection phase. We currently have six NSA auditors in France, Slovakia, Morocco, and China that are certified by PSA to conduct NSA audits. Only last year we have performed 59 missions in NSA and QSB+ for PSA suppliers worldwide.

Moreover, SNECI provides training on MMOG/LE logistic evaluation tool, a global standard essential to PSA suppliers to showcase their logistic capabilities and improve weak points in their logistic organization.

The knowledge of such PSA B2B Tools as AMADEUS, PLM Platform, COMTEC, and DEVIN is also essential to succeed as a PSA Group supplier. Luckily, our experts conduct various training to help you get familiarized with these tools.

Here is a quick overview of the most common PSA B2B tools:


  • Management and Control of the quality of life supplies series (Amadeus quality)
  • Management and Control of logistical failures (Logistics Amadeus)

PLM Platform:

This application allows access to the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) for Partners referenced by GROUPE PSA. It facilitates communications during the development phase and makes it easier to share the design data.


The main purpose of this PSA B2B tool is to share the technical analysis of returned parts for PSA vehicles. It is also used to present the evolution of an invoicing bill, from its creation until the invoicing order.


The official project documentation sharing tool used to publish to a great number of Suppliers and Partners at the same time, using a fast and secured path.

Feel lost? Don’t worry. Our experience with PSA B2B Tools and our profound understanding of PSA Group’s specific requirements gives us the possibility to support potential and existing PSA suppliers during any phase of their industrial development. So don’t hesitate to contact us.

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