Logistics - LO-1 - Inter/Intra
GLOBAL MMOG/LE training is addressed to automotive suppliers that are interested in assessing their logistics capability and highlighting the weak points in their logistics organization. Global MMOG/LE standard is the right tool to achieve those objectives, continuously improve logistics standards, significantly reduce logistics costs and fulfill customer expectations. GLOBAL MMOG/LE V4 is a logistics evaluation tool recommended by GALIA/ODETTE.
3 days All SNECI premises

    Training content

    • Phase 1: Understanding of version V4 of MMOG/LE
    • Phase 2: Achievement of “best logistics practice” developed by OEMs and leading Tier-1 suppliers
    • Phase 3: Review, introduction and tracking of logistics KPIs that reflect logistics strategy and vision of the company
    • Phase 4: Ability to work with MMOG/LEV4 Excel file
    • Phase 5: Improvement of sub-supplier management both for series and new projects
    • Phase 6: Improvement of internal and external communication (suppliers/customers)
    • Phase 7: Problem prevention vs problem resolution approach
    • Phase 8: Accentuation of criteria with added value for customers
    • Phase 9: Knowledge of auditing and self-audit rules
    • Phase 10: Understanding of customer requirements regarding MMOG/LE


    The acquired knowledge is evaluated and validated at the end of the training through a quiz.
    This test is self-corrected with the participants and the trainer.
    Participants will receive a certificate of participation in the training.

    Training methodology

    This training is animated from a theoretical support.
    The sequences will be put into practice through the MMOG / LE Standard.

    Option: Internal Audit

    In addition to this training session, SNECI trainer can perform with your teams an internal audit for +1 day in case of in-company course.

    Intended audience

    • Plant Managers
    • Logistics Managers
    • Coordinators/Logistics
    • Specialists/Warehouse
    • Expedition Administrators
    • Quality System Engineers
    • Internal Auditors

    Objectives and results

    • Identify weak points and continuously improve your
    • Logistics standards
    • Significantly reduce logistics costs
    • Integrate logistics department and its staff members at the right place within the organization
    • Fulfill requirements of OEM customers


    Automotive experience, Logistics knowledge

    Your trainer

    This training is conducted by a Logistics Expert certified by GALIA to perform Global MMOG/LE audits.

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