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GMB receives “Best supplier Plant Asia” award from STELLANTIS

GMB Receives “Best Supplier Plant Asia” Award From STELLANTIS

GMB Corporation is a leading manufacturer of universal joints, water pumps and ball bearings for the automotive industry. Born in Japan as ‘Matsuoka Seikousyo’ in 1943, the company changed its name in 1962. Since then, it has been established in many strategic countries such as Korea, China, Romania, and the United States. As many major actors of the automotive industry, GMB manufactures parts for both local and foreign clients. Its main customers are major European or Asian suppliers and OEMs, such as PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Hyundai, or Volkswagen. Apart from its outstanding production capability, GMB is also well-known for its in-plant output tests. These tests ensure the best quality and facilitate the certification of its products.

To meet the high standards of its clients, GMB demonstrates a strong commitment not only to the quality of manufacturing but also to the customer service. Living by the evocative slogan “Your success is our future”. The credo of GMB employees is the word 和 (wa), a synonym of harmony. As a matter of fact, the chairman of the group, Nobuo Matsuoka, is convinced that staff members that feel integrated and proud of their company make a real difference. They actively contributing to the company’s sustainability.

SNECI and GMB have started their partnership in 2005. Since then SNECI has been supporting the manufacturer in Business Development, as well as Supply chain and Quality management. We are proud to announce that our partner GMB has received the prize of the “Best Supplier Plant Asia” from PSA Peugeot Citroën. Such an award from a major European OEM is a turning point for GMB. Its activity has been primarily focused on the Asian market so far.

This award recognizes the work of all the sales, technical, project, and logistics teams of SNECI. They have been working closely with GMB to explain and meet the specific needs of French OEMs since the beginning of the project with PSA in 2007.

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