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GreenTech & NewTech Press Review N°4

GreenTech & NewTech Press Review N°4

Here’s the fourth GreenTech – SNECI press review of the year, a section dedicated to discovering GreenTech & NewTech companies. We’ve selected 10 companies that caught our eye for their originality and green innovative technologies.

N°1: BFT Transport

BFT Transport is a company specialized in the transportation of goods using various modes of transport such as waterways, rail, and road. In order to address new environmental constraints related to climate change, the company has created a subsidiary called LIUM, which offers sustainable delivery solutions in urban areas. LIUM project aims to establish a fully decarbonized interurban multimodal logistics by 2030. The objective is to achieve low-carbon deliveries in Lyon while reducing congestion in the city center. Their innovation lies in the collaboration among the different actors involved in the delivery process, as well as the use of a digital tool enabling data sharing throughout the logistics chain. This system also integrates artificial intelligence to optimize flows, costs, and energy savings.

A new, more environmentally friendly transportation solution is available to us. BFT Transport will enable businesses to improve their ecological impact through their supply chain.

N°2: Gouach

The Gouach technology offers optimized control and reduced maintenance costs for battery modules. The GOUACH project focuses on creating batteries for electrically assisted bicycles, known as “renewable” batteries, which are repairable and 100% durable. These batteries come with a 10-year warranty and reduce the environmental impact by 80% compared to conventional batteries. They meet the needs of sustainable mobility while combating planned obsolescence through an approach based on construction, repair, reuse, and recycling. Product quality and durability are priorities, with a goal of making cities and human establishments open to all, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

In summary, the company has two determined objectives: to guarantee access for all to reliable, sustainable, and modern energy services at an affordable cost and to ensure that cities and human establishments are open to all, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

N°3: Deki

Deki is a company that offers an optimized urban logistics solution for 100% decarbonized deliveries in compliance with new Low Emission Zones (LEZ) regulations. Their unique technological tool, based on a mutualization algorithm developed by the École des Mines, ensures deliveries with zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. The DEKI software also improves the efficiency of urban logistics by reducing kilometers traveled by 50% and cutting travel time by one-third. It provides secure tracking for each actor in the logistics chain and offers real-time visualization of the positive impacts of the DEKI service, such as reduced GHG emissions, decreased space occupation, time savings, and overall efficiency. The DEKI system simplifies exchanges by providing a single point of contact, single data entry, and a unique identifier through their specific technology.

The company’s challenge is to ensure that cities and human establishments are open to all, safe, resilient, and sustainable. They also have the will to urgently take measures to combat climate change and its repercussions.

N°4: Electric 55 Charging

Electric 55 Charging is a company specializing in the deployment of public charging stations for electric vehicles. Their project aims to address the lack of charging infrastructure by offering a new generation of tools capable of managing and optimizing the use of large-scale networks reliably, efficiently, and reproducibly. Each charging station is interoperable and accessible to all through a badge or smartphone. The stations are connected and continuously monitored, allowing for detection and notification to users in case of technical unavailability. Electric 55 Charging also innovates by offering an economic model that covers all the operating costs of the charging network without impacting the city’s budget. They also provide an ecological and economical upgrade kit to revive the old Autolib charging network.

The objectives of this company are to offer safe, accessible, and viable electric vehicle charging solutions and to reduce the environmental impact of transportation.

N°5: Green Systems Automotives

Green Systems Automotives is a company specializing in the design of connected and scalable devices for converting the engines of motorized two-wheelers to biofuels (Flex-Fuel technology). Their project aims to immediately reduce the ecological impact of motorized two-wheelers and similar recreational vehicles such as quads, jet skis, and outboard motors. Green Systems Automotives fills the existing gap in this specific market, where no alternative was available between pure internal combustion engines and electric motors. To achieve this, they propose the use of biofuels. GSA has developed an adaptable device for converting internal combustion engines to biofuels (Flex-Fuel technology) specifically designed for motorized two-wheelers. The use of super ethanol E85, a biomass-derived fuel, reduces the ecological footprint of internal combustion vehicles by over 60% while offering significant fuel cost savings. Green Systems Automotives targets professional fleets and individuals in the retrofit market, providing an ecological and economical solution.

The challenges of this young company are to ensure that cities and human establishments are open to all, safe, resilient, and sustainable, and to urgently take measures to combat climate change and its repercussions.

N°6: Hive Electric

Hive Electric is an industrial company specializing in the research, development, and industrialization of batteries for energy storage. Their project, FAIB-π, involves creating a new generation of rechargeable batteries with a new metal-ion-based chemistry designed for stationary and onboard energy storage. Hive Electric’s HyperC® accumulators offer an alternative to lithium-ion batteries while using the same manufacturing processes, making them easily integrated into existing units while reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). This new generation of cells is independent of rare earth elements, recyclable at over 90%, non-toxic, and non-flammable, presenting an excellent opportunity to reduce the environmental footprint while improving operational safety.

They aim to ensure access for all to reliable, sustainable, and modern energy services at an affordable cost and to urgently take measures to combat climate change and its repercussions.

N°7 : Neocean

Neocean is a company revolutionizing water mobility with the OVERBOAT, a compact, electric, automatic, and environmentally friendly underwater catamaran capable of flying above the water. The OVERBOAT project incorporates several innovations, including automated foils and electric propulsion, making it unique in the market. In its single-seat version, accessible without a license, the 4.5 kW motor allows flying above the water at over 16 knots (30 km/h) with energy consumption 10 times lower than that of a similar-sized thermal vehicle. It offers an autonomy of over 2 hours. The excellent nautical qualities of the OVERBOAT make it suitable for a wide audience: professionals seeking a maneuverable, silent, wakeless watercraft that can be remotely piloted if necessary, as well as individuals looking for a unique experience of silent flight over the water.

Neocean has two objectives: to make water travel less energy-intensive and more environmentally and acoustically friendly and to sustainably preserve and exploit oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development.

N°8 : Omni

Omni is a young company consisting of 5 employees dedicated to developing an electric scooter adapter suitable for any manual wheelchair model. Their project involves an innovative adapter that allows the use of any electric scooter with a manual wheelchair. This motorization offers an alternative to using a car as well as avoiding excessive strain on the upper limbs. In conclusion, it can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. This device is much more affordable (2 to 5 times cheaper) than existing motorizations and breaks the stigmatizing medical image. OMNI aims to provide mobility freedom to all by offering inclusive and sustainable solutions.

The company, originally from Île-de-France, aims to empower people with disabilities and promote their social and economic integration by ensuring their access to safe, accessible, and viable transportation at an affordable cost.

N°9 : XSun

XSun is a company specializing in the development of highly innovative unmanned flying machines powered by electricity and solar energy, characterized by their silence. These aircraft are designed for long-range missions in the private, scientific, and governmental sectors. XSun’s project focuses on creating 100% electric and solar-powered aircraft with a very high-level certification for beyond-line-of-sight flights. Their aircraft, such as SolarXOne (5m, 29kg), provides a new solution for aerial mapping and surveillance missions. After 5 years of research and development, SolarXOne was launched in the market and has been flying worldwide since 2020. XSun offers its services through its centers based in Germany (Munich) and Australia (Brisbane). The XSun team consists of 25 highly skilled, experienced, and international professionals (representing 7 nationalities) collaborating with a network of world-renowned aeronautics experts.

The company from Pays de la Loire aims to ensure access for all to reliable, sustainable, and modern energy services at an affordable cost to establish resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization that benefits all, and encourage innovation.

N°10: 45-8 energy

45-8 Energy is a company dedicated to exploiting French subsoils for helium and carbon dioxide recovery, which are currently exported. Their goal is to create a supply chain for helium in France. The Fonts-bouillants project consists of applying for an Exclusive Research Permit to exploit helium and carbon dioxide naturally escaping from the soil in the Nivernais region. This local exploitation reduces the impacts associated with the liquefaction of these gases for transport, significantly reducing the environmental footprint. The project does not require drilling, and the production unit will use renewable energy. In addition to the ecological benefits, the project has significant economic implications. It involves two stages: an exploration phase to better understand the geological issues, followed by a pilot production phase to size surface infrastructures. Fonts-bouillants is a pilot project that will pave the way for the exploitation of other sites in France by the company.

The young company from Grand Est aims to implement a compact, energy-positive production infrastructure that reconciles industrial activity with environmental and community respect and to establish an eco-responsible model of helium production by valorizing active natural surface flows rather than deep resource exploitation.

SNECI and the support for GreenTech and NewTech companies :

Specializing in commercial development and industrial performance improvement for over 70 years, SNECI provides support to a wide range of companies, including ETIs, startups, SMEs, and large corporations, offering various solutions and our dual expertise.

  • In industrial performance, we empower our clients to achieve operational excellence by assisting them in their industrial projects or providing training and coaching for their teams. We also possess in-depth expertise in evaluating industrial companies and implementing best practices in quality, procurement, and logistics.
  • In commercial development, our team partners with suppliers who are expanding into new regions or seeking to acquire new clients by acting as an extension of their sales, project, quality, and logistics teams. We also advise companies on their partnership and acquisition strategies.

If you wish to benefit from SNECI’s 70 years of experience in the industry and from our 450 experts located around the world, feel free to contact Laura via email at or directly through the contact section on our website.

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