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MEDEF Business Mission to Saudi Arabia

MEDEF Business Mission To Saudi Arabia

A Quiet but Promising Success for SNECI

In March 2024, a delegation of over 130 French companies, including SNECI, embarked on a mission to Saudi Arabia under the leadership of MEDEF International. This mission aimed to explore collaboration opportunities within the framework of the Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom’s ambitious development strategy.

SNECI at the Heart of Saudi Arabia’s Economic Dynamism

Among the French companies present, SNECI, a global leader in engineering and consulting, played an active role in this mission. With its recognized expertise in energy, transport, and the environment, SNECI was able to showcase its know-how to Saudi authorities and local economic players.

A Favorable Context

This business trip occurs in a favorable context for economic relations between France and Saudi Arabia. The organization of the 2030 World Expo in Riyadh and the acceleration of Public Investment Fund (PIF) projects create an environment conducive to Franco-Saudi partnerships. SNECI, present in Saudi Arabia for years, is perfectly positioned to exploit these opportunities.

Highlights and High-Level Meetings

The mission program included a visit to the NEOM Forum, dedicated to the Red Sea “gigaprojects”, and a presentation of the Qiddiya investment fund. Meetings with high-ranking Saudi officials, including the Deputy Governor of PIF and the Minister of Investment, occurred. SNECI was thus able to forge valuable contacts and explore concrete collaboration avenues.

A Strong Signal from the French Private Sector

This mission, supported by Franck RIESTER, Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade and Attractiveness, allowed French companies, including SNECI, to assert their presence and expertise in the Saudi market. Beyond simple commercial exchanges, it was about building lasting relationships and participating in the Kingdom’s development dynamic. SNECI, a historical player in Franco-Saudi economic cooperation, intends to play a leading role in realizing the Saudi Vision 2030.

Promising Prospects

While this mission did not result in spectacular announcements, it laid the foundation for fruitful collaboration between French and Saudi companies, with SNECI at the forefront. The challenges remain numerous, but the growth potential is immense. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers fertile ground for developing sustainable and innovative infrastructure projects, areas in which SNECI is an expert.


The MEDEF business mission to Saudi Arabia was a quiet but promising success for SNECI. It strengthened economic ties between the two nations and paved the way for new collaboration prospects within the framework of the Saudi Vision 2030. SNECI, with its expertise and experience, is ready to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities offered by this rapidly changing market.

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