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Breaking gender stereotypes for a more inclusive industry

Breaking Gender Stereotypes For A More Inclusive Industry

A look back at our awareness workshop for breaking gender stereotypes.

We believe in the power of inclusion and diversity. That’s why, last week, we organized a dynamic and inspiring awareness-raising workshop for International Women’s Day. Our goal was simple: to break gender stereotypes and promote a culture of inclusion within our company and our industry.

What did we do during this workshop?

  • An interactive quiz on women’s rights in France.

We have set up a quiz to test and enrich the knowledge of our employees on women’s rights and their developments in France. This has raised our awareness of ongoing gender equality challenges and stimulated thinking.

  • A presentation on gender stereotypes and their impacts.

We held an in-depth presentation on gender stereotypes in the industry and ways to combat them. This presentation was an opportunity to raise awareness among our employees of common biases and encourage them to challenge these preconceptions.

  • A friendly moment of sharing and exchange.

Finally, we closed the workshop with a friendly breakfast where employees had the opportunity to discuss and share their thoughts on the subject. This created a safe space to express ideas and personal experiences. At SNECI, we want to encourage open dialogue and building strong links between colleagues.

An enriching and inspiring event

Awareness workshops like this are catalysts for change and enriching experiences for all participants. They help strengthen cohesion and create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Together for a more inclusive future

At SNECI, we are proud of this awareness workshop on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day. But our commitment to gender equality doesn’t stop there. We will continue to take initiative and encourage dialogue to create a more inclusive future for all.

We would like to thank all participants for their commitment and open-mindedness during this event. Together we can break gender stereotypes and advance gender equality in the industry.

Stay tuned to discover our next initiatives at SNECI! In the meantime, check out the news on our website:

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