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SNECI improves its evaluation tool, the ISA

SNECI Improves Its Evaluation Tool, The ISA

The ISA standard, Industrial Standard Assessment, is a tool used to carry out industrial audits and diagnostics, prior to progress plans and procedures. ISA results from the know-how of SNECI experts in Industrial Performance. All industrial aspects are evaluated: project management, quality, industrialization, production, maintenance, purchasing, internal and external logistic flows, progress approaches such as lean manufacturing.

Building on this success, SNECI has evolved its ISA diagnostic tool by adding new functionalities to offer more support and services to its customers. Thus, in addition to the diagnosis, which highlights the discrepancies to be corrected, the ISA tool now makes it possible to organize and structure an action plan with a schedule, a related expense plan and a resulting convergence plan.

Once the diagnosis has been made, SNECI is able to explain to its customers the priority actions to be taken and the resources to be put in place to bring about rapid operational improvements by implementing automotive industry standards and best practices.

For more information or to contact our experts, please follow this link: Audit & Quality.

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