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Meet our partner SPM through the interview of its Marketing & Sales Director Edoardo Régé

Meet Our Partner SPM Through The Interview Of Its Marketing & Sales Director Edoardo Régé

SPM was founded in 1954 near Lake Maggiore as a small family business producing seals for product authentication and certification (hence the acronym SPM, Seals in Plastic and Metal). Since then, the company has grown in size, organization and offers.

The product range was expanded and diversified: the Fashion Division was born in 1960, the Sport Division in 1978 and, last but not least, the Automotive Division was born in 1984.

Let us introducing our partner SPM through the interview of its Marketing & Sales Director Edoardo Régé.

Could you introduce yourself in a few words:

My name is Edoardo Regé. I’m the Marketing and Sales director at SPM – Seals in Plastic and Metal.

I have been working at SPM ; which is specialized in designs and manufactures components that meet the industry’s highest quality standards; for 25 years now and I am still fully motivated.

My team is composed of 4 Account Manager, 2 people in order handling & logistics, 3 representative agents, 3 business developer and 4 project Manager. A complete team to provide a full support.

Tell us more about your company and your field of activity:

SPM was founded in 1954 and is still owned by the same family as his third generation.  SPM stays for Seals in Plastic and Metal. We are proudly emblem makers in all the possible different technologies: aluminum, metal, plastic with all the new and green technical solutions like silk-screening, coating, varnishing Physical Vapor Deposition, lasering, over molding.

SPM products are recyclable and not harming for humans. 

SPM designs and manufactures components that meet the industry’s highest quality standards

Please have a look at 

We act in three different divisions :

  • automotive, producing high-quality aluminum and chromed plastic emblems, logos and nameplates for cars, trucks and other types of vehicles for the leading world’s car manufacturers (Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, FCA, BMW, Daimler, VW and others);
  • sports, developing safety and competition devices for winter sports and motor circuits. We participate to the main winter sports events (Olympics, Championships, World Cups) and we cooperate with prestigious motor circuits;
  • fashion, creating high fashion tags, labels and other accessories to define and add value to brands.

Raw materials and industrial processes are the common denominator of the three Divisions and represent the core essence of the company: plastic and metals are molded, decorated, cut, colored, assembled, transformed… creating products that are entirely different one from the other.

Experience, research, passion and innovation have allowed SPM to place itself among the world leaders in all the sectors in which it operates and we currently employs more than 200 highly specialized persons.

At SPM we value sustainability, quality and durability.

Indeed, our products are designed and manufactured combining functional characteristics with outstanding aesthetic standards. We are experts in the processing of aluminum, plastics, resins, adhesives, inks and varnishes.

To satisfy our customers’ need, we work daily on technological progress thanks to the latest available technologies and our continuous upgrading of our expertise. We never step back when confronted with the sector’s most exacting requests and we resort to all our available assets to propose innovative solutions.

Eventually, because sustainability is important for we are a historic company in Italy, born and developed thanks also to the environment and to the people who worked with us. We value what surrounds us, giving back to the territory what we have borrowed.

Since 1954 passion, research and technical competence identify us as one of the most important worldwide company specialized in plastic and metal manufacturing.

What makes your company different from its competitors?

We are local but global and that makes a difference.

In our business fields there are mainly European suppliers from Spain, Italy and Germany. 

All together emblem makers are less than 7. The difference between SPM and competitors is the dimension which still allows quick reaction and a lot of different technical solutions. We are not specialized in plastic or PVD but in emblems.

We rapidly deal with costumers’ needs with flexible and tailored responses and sensibility to sustainability causes.

Quality is the cornerstone of SPM’s corporate policy: we constantly strive to improve production processes and products, working in close cooperation with our Clients.

SPM has the resources necessary to provide support and solutions for all of our Clients’ needs, whichever they are: our strength lies in our knowledge of materials and in the implementation of new, cutting-edge technologies and methods.

Our staff is extremely diligent in verifying that all the industrial processes are executed in compliance with the highest quality standards typical of SPM and called for by the sector.

Our Clients’ objectives and needs are therefore met through the synergistic combination of highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art machinery.

SPM’s industrial processes are certified in compliance with the latest IATF 16949:2016 (International Automotive Task Force) and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

SPM is also effectively implementing an environmental management system in accordance with the new ISO 14001:2015 standard.

The high quality of our products stems from this perfect balance between technology, innovation and attention to human and environmental resources

How did you choose to work with SNECI?

We want to develop the French market and looking for a local support and expertise.

SNECI is a 70 years old company which has demonstrated it success by growing over the years despite the automotive market in tension.

How does SNECI support you on a day-to-day basis and through which solutions? 

SNECI is in charge our handling our company by creating connections between the French OEMs and SPM.

As SNECI, we are a 68 years old company which demonstrates our perennially and trust from our customers. Entering the panel of French OEMs is important for us not only because our product are qualitative and innovative but also because as a local but global company, French OEMs is one of our target to keep growing.

Would you recommend SNECI? And if so, could you tell us why?

Yes, we would recommend SNECI for supporting its partners. It is a long-term relationship that has been successful for us.

SNECI is supporting SPM in different ways.

SNECI provides us technical suggestions, organizes and participates to meetings with new customers in order  to create connections with OEMs thus allowing us to have visibility and to enter the panel of the French car manufacturers.

What is your current news that you would like to share? 

SPM is presenting to all the premium Customer like JLR, Maserati, Mc Laren and Ferrari brand new products like wheel inserts (which allows to reduce the air resistance and increase the load of the battery for electric cars) and floating wheel caps (which allow the logo to stay always in vertical position)

If you want to know more about SPM automotive and other divisions, products and actuality, do not hesitate to visit their website or to follow them on LinkedIn

SNECI and the support in Business Development  :

With 70 years expertise and 10 offices around the world, we work with you to develop a customized business strategy that meets your customers’ expectations and your needs and objectives, and then deploy it from prospecting and responding to calls for tenders to the follow-up of acquired markets, including project management.

What type of support do we provide:

  • A unique Business Development offer for international suppliers
  • Joint development of the commercial strategy
  • Definition of the commercial and product roadmap according to the market expectations
  • Adaptation of your presentations to each customer’s strategy
  • Promotion of manufacturers, their products and technologies, lobbying towards customers through our network
  • Acquisition of new projects thanks to action plans adapted to each RFQ (advice on key stages and customer specifications in the acquisition phase, coordination of customer deliverables, negotiations, etc.)
  • Management of product and process validation
  • Monitoring product or process modifications and their potential impacts
  • Creation of a relationship of trust between customers and suppliers during the life of the projects thanks to local support on quality, costs and logistics aspects

So if you want to have more information about SNECI’s support in business development, do not hesitate to contact us via our website.

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