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Towards an Innovative, low-carbon Europe

Towards An Innovative, Low-carbon Europe

An innovative vision for a low-carbon Europe: Analysis of Emmanuel Macron’s speech at the Sorbonne

In his recent speech at the Sorbonne (25 April), Emmanuel Macron set out an ambitious roadmap for Europe up to 2030. The event, in which our President Isabelle Bailly took part, brought together an audience of 500 guests, including government figures, French and European parliamentarians, and key players from the business world.

A dynamic and low-carbon Europe

President Macron stressed the need for a dynamic, powerful and prosperous Europe, with innovation and decarbonization at the heart of its vision. This is perfectly in line with SNECI’s strategy, which is delighted to see the eco-responsible and innovative industry at the heart of Europe’s ambitions.

SNECI’s commitment to a prosperous Europe

We are committed to contributing to this transformation by providing our expertise to encourage re-industrialization while positioning ourselves in strategic sectors such as healthcare, renewable energies, aeronautics and defence.

Promoting European preference in contracts

Agility and unity with our global partners, as well as the establishment of new strategic alliances between countries, underline the importance of promoting European preference in contracts to avoid economic decline.

An ambition rooted in SNECI’s history

At SNECI, our ambition is clear: to maintain sustained growth while making a full contribution to a low-carbon, prosperous Europe. Our commitment to this goal is rooted in our history, dating back more than 70 years, when we were founded to strengthen commercial and industrial ties between France and Germany.

Decarbonization services

We offer a range of services aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of professionals:

  • Training in calculating the carbon footprint of products as part of RFQs (Request For Quotation),
  • A tool for calculating and monitoring the organizational carbon footprint,
  • Consultancy/advice on reducing your carbon footprint,
  • CO2 audit of your facilities…

Don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form to find out how we can help you on the road to decarbonization.









Isabelle Bailly, Chairman of SNECI, during Emmanuel Macron’s speech at the Sorbonne on April 25, 2024.

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