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Opel supplier enters PSA Group thanks to SNECI

Opel Supplier Enters PSA Group Thanks To SNECI

Thanks to SNECI support, ARKAL, a long-term supplier of Opel, has entered PSA Group’s supplier panel.

Since the end of 2017, SNECI has been promoting ARKAL, a supplier specialized in functional plastic parts, which has 8 production sites worldwide, including 3 in Europe, towards the French car makers.

Like many Opel suppliers, ARKAL had never worked in the past with PSA Group and had difficulties to understand PSA requirements. One of the main challenges was, therefore, to explain to the ARKAL teams the methodology and expectations of PSA.

Less than a year after the start of their collaboration, SNECI and ARKAL have won the first business at PSA, for several million euros, which allows ARKAL to ensure the sustainability of its presence in the PSA supplier panel.

ARKAL teams appreciated the added value of SNECI, who explained in depth PSA’s way of working and expectations, but also demonstrated the close relationship it was able to create with PSA’s purchasing and engineering teams. “In the last phase of negotiations, I was several times per day in close contact with the buyer in charge of this project,” recalls Hervé Champion, Business Development Director at SNECI. “It is this closeness to the PSA teams that has allowed us to wring the decision in our favour.”

According to Stanislas Bailly, Managing Director of SNECI, “the pooling of the supplier panels of Opel and PSA led to a streamlining of the panel. Many of Opel’s long-standing suppliers are not used to working with PSA and need support to join the PSA panel. This is what we have done with ARKAL, and we are able to offer this support for many other long-term Opel suppliers, thanks to our high-qualified sales engineers who are used to working with PSA “.

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