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Optimize your production with “Takt Time”!

Optimize Your Production With “Takt Time”!

Today, all companies are in constant search of better productivity. Takt Time is a concept used in production. It will allow you to improve your productivity by optimizing your rhythm and time of production.

What is Takt Time?

The term “Takt” comes from the German word meaning “rate or measure”.

By definition, the Takt Time corresponds to the production rate to be maintained in order to satisfy the customer’s demand. It determines the rate at which you must produce if you want to meet your customer’s needs. Takt time is also perceived as the average time between the beginning of production of a unit and the next one.

The main objective of Takt Time is to allow you to optimize your production rate while avoiding the risks related to stocks (surplus, breakage…). It is a tool that will allow you to match your production to the customer’s requirements.

How to calculate the Takt Time?

To calculate the Takt Time, you have to divide the production time you have by the customer’s demand (measured in production units). Here is the corresponding formula:

In order to obtain a result that is as close as possible to your real performance, it is best to follow certain rules:

  • For the calculation of the customer’s demand, favor a short period of time (e.g. based on the customer’s demand for one month)
  • For the calculation of the available production time, make sure to exclude the periods during which your employees are not working, and therefore not contributing to the production (for example: breaks, scheduled maintenance…).

Once you have these elements in mind, you can calculate your Takt Time

Takt Time: ideal for optimizing your logistics

The Takt Time is a major asset to optimize your production and your logistic flows.

First of all, the Takt Time will allow you to define your production rhythm with more precision. It will be easier to manage the logistic flows (supplies, production, delivery…).

Moreover, this method helps to reduce considerably your costs related to stocks. Indeed, the Takt Time can favor the “just-in-time” production: it consists in producing at the exact moment when the customer expresses his need; and not in planning its production in advance (according to the sales forecasts). The Takt Time allows you to find the right balance between the customer’s need and your production rhythm. This tool will help you to produce in such a way that you will not have excess stock and/or stock shortage since you will constantly be basing your production on the customer’s need at the moment.

Finally, Takt Time will help you better measure your performance in terms of production. If you notice that your work rhythm is not fast enough and/or too fast, you will be able to readjust it according to the customer’s needs.

The advantages of Takt Time

The Takt Time has many advantages, if used correctly:

– Better management of your stocks: The Takt Time allows you to calculate the production rate necessary to satisfy the customer’s need. Thus, once calculated, you will be able to produce according to the customer’s demand, which will avoid overproduction and/or underproduction. This will also avoid having “dormant” stocks.

– Reduction of your costs: A production rate that does not correspond to the customer’s demand would undoubtedly lead to an increase in your costs (e.g. storage costs, production delays, etc.). Takt Time allows you to limit this type of incidents by offering a better visibility on the customer’s needs. Thus, a production aligned with the demand can only be beneficial to you.

– Reduction of logistic risks: Takt Time favors an organized production, based on a more stable rhythm. This allows a real decrease of logistic risks and errors that often appear when producing in a hurry or in an irregular way. 

– Waste reduction: Takt Time also contributes to reduce waste in your processes. Indeed, if you manage to determine correctly the ideal production rate, you will be able to use your resources in an optimal way and limit the useless uses.

SNECI accompanies you in the implementation of the Takt Time method

The Takt Time method, derived from Lean Management, will allow you to continuously improve your processes and your productivity. SNECI can accompany you at each step.

With 70 years of experience in improving industrial performance with strong roots in the automotive, defense, health, rail, luxury, energy, … and with more than 450 experts worldwide in more than 50 countries, SNECI supports manufacturers and suppliers in the implementation of various tools and methods in Lean Management to increase their productivity and profitability.

If you would like one of our industrial project managers to accompany you in improving your processes for greater profitability (saving time, money and efficiency), send an email to Laura who will reply within 24 hours to arrange a meeting at or contact us directly via the contact tab on our website.

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