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SNECI assists a body in white supplier in its development with European OEMs

SNECI Assists A Body In White Supplier In Its Development With European OEMs

This year, SNECI celebrates its 70th anniversary and thanks to our 70 years of expertise and our worldwide presence through our 10 subsidiaries, we naturally radiate with automotive professionals, whether they are manufacturers or suppliers.

To this end, many manufacturers and suppliers contact us for industrial projects as well as for commercial development.

For example, a Tier 1 supplier of body in white asked us to assist them in their commercial development in Europe with the support of our team of business development experts to penetrate European OEMs.


Since 2016, we have been supporting this supplier in its commercial deployment in Europe. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the sector and our privileged relationships with the largest European car manufacturers, we managed to get our client on the panel of a French car manufacturer.

Indeed, one of SNECI’s strengths lies in its excellent lobbying, which is made possible thanks to its long-lasting relationships with the decision-makers at the car manufacturers. Our accompaniment thus allowed the launch of our client at this prestigious OEM.

Details of the mission :

Market Analysis:

Before entering a new market, it is obviously important to carry out a complete study in order to analyze its potential, the players who are already present, the competition, the opportunities as well as the possible risks. SNECI therefore conducted an in-depth analysis of our client’s target market in order to determine whether it could indeed be a source of added value over the long term.

Commercial support:

SNECI also accompanied the supplier at the commercial level. Acting as a real “interface” between the supplier and the car manufacturer, we presented our client to this OEM. We organized and participated in the various meetings with the purchasing department and management of the manufacturer in order to evaluate the latter’s expectations regarding body in white parts. This proved to be crucial for the supplier who was able to gain a better understanding of the manufacturer’s requirements in order to better adapt to them.


As a continuation of our commercial support, SNECI was able to lobby the manufacturer, which allowed the supplier to stay in contact with the manufacturer throughout the process. Thanks to our great experience in the automotive industry, we have developed strong links with the European manufacturers most solicited by potential suppliers. Thus, we were also able to promote the body in white solutions proposed by our client to the targeted manufacturer.

Support for the RFQ (Request for Quotation):

SNECI also accompanied its customer in the framework of the RFQ. Our Business Development experts provided support in writing quality documents for the car manufacturer. This is a key step because a car manufacturer usually receives many quotations (RFQ). It is therefore very important to prepare a technical file that not only meets the manufacturer’s specifications but also holds his attention, and demonstrates the real added value of our client compared to other potential suppliers.

Audit support:

The car manufacturer targeted by our client required some specific audits to evaluate its potential suppliers. This is a mandatory step to become a supplier to this manufacturer. The audits allow us to evaluate the supplier’s level of industrialization maturity and its operational capacity to launch new projects. SNECI has therefore contributed to the success of these various audits by accompanying its customer step by step. SNECI has many qualified auditors who have performed numerous audits in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Morocco, Central and Eastern Europe and China. Thus, we have experts in the field who have been able to prepare our client to pass the various audits with flying colors.

A quick and successful result :

Thanks to our support, our client was able to obtain results that met its expectations. Indeed, SNECI allowed the supplier to enter the panel of this great manufacturer as well as on its platform, used not only for the production of thermal vehicles but also electric. This was a great opportunity for our supplier who was able to launch himself in the equipment of electric vehicles (especially since almost all European manufacturers have already started a process of electrification of their ranges).

Our client has been entrusted with no less than 20 projects on future vehicles since 2016. This has even led to the construction and opening of a new production plant in Morocco.

SNECI’s support in business development:

Thus, thanks to its 450 experts operating in more than 50 countries, specialized in business development, engineering and project management with a technical DNA and a local approach, SNECI makes every effort to ensure the results expected by its customers.

In business development, our support is based on different missions:

  • Joint development of the commercial strategy
  • Definition of the commercial and product roadmap according to market expectations
  • Adaptation of your presentations to each customer strategy
  • Promotion of manufacturers, their products and technologies, lobbying of customers through our network
  • Acquisition of new projects thanks to action plans adapted to each call for tenders (advice on key stages and customer specifications in the acquisition phase, coordination of customer deliverables, negotiations, etc.)
  • Management of product and process validation
  • Monitoring product or process modifications and their potential impacts
  • Creation of a relationship of trust between customers and suppliers during the life of the projects thanks to local support on quality, costs and logistics aspects

If you too would like our engineers and SNECI experts to support you, then contact us without delay!



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