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SNECI completes its 100th NSA audit

SNECI Completes Its 100th NSA Audit

Since 2015, PSA Group has outsourced its NSA (New Supplier Assessment) audit, an audit required to enter the PSA’s supplier panel. SNECI, one of only two organizations worldwide certified to conduct NSAs, recently completed its 100th audit.

We saw a rapid increase in the demand for NSAs this year, clearly caused by PSA Group’s acquisition of Opel,” states Mathieu Mutter, Industrial Performance Director at SNECI. “Suppliers are extremely interested in entering PSA’s supplier panel, as this group is the second largest OEM in Europe.

SNECI already has five certified auditors are already working at SNECI, with two more people soon to receive their certification. This gives us the possibility to conduct NSA audits worldwide and satisfy the growing demand. In just the first semester of this year, SNECI already conducted NSA audits in 11 countries.

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