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GreenTech & NewTech Press Review N°2

GreenTech & NewTech Press Review N°2

Here is the second GreenTech – SNECI press review of the year, a section that allows you to discover companies from GreenTech & NewTech. We selected 10 companies that caught our attention because of their originality and innovative technologies.

N°1 : Lormauto

Lormauto is a Normandy company specializing in the transformation of thermal vehicles into electric vehicles. They market electric cars industrially reconditioned from thermal vehicles. This modernization offers its customers access to durable and scalable vehicles for a low operating cost.

Their main objective is to bring an alternative to the electric vehicle market, by introducing the reconditioned electric vehicle. This reconditioning is standardized and ensures a superior quality of the product. In addition, the company refurbishes the interior equipment to transform an old vehicle into a 21st-century car.

The challenge of this company is to make cars enter the world of sustainability with 0 CO2 emissions and to no longer “throw-away” vehicles. Be able to make them evolve and modernize them to conceal them in the landscape of the cities of tomorrow.

N°2 : Moba

Moba is a company that has created a battery certificate to facilitate the sale of used electric vehicles. Their ambition is to accelerate the ecological transition of mobility by offering solutions designed to meet the needs of individuals and professionals.

How does it work? Moba sends a diagnostic kit to the customer who wishes to diagnose the battery of his electric car. This kit includes a tutorial and a diagnostic box that can be connected to a mobile application to transmit all the data needed to issue a certificate.

This new system of battery quality certificates will change the rules of the used electric car sales market. Indeed, this certificate allows the buyer to have an overview of the vehicle that interests him and will direct his research according to it.

N°3 : XFret

XFret is a French company which is in the field of aeronautical engineering and freight transport. The company has developed an innovative solution to make air freight transport more sustainable and efficient. Indeed, to reduce the losses of the airlines induced by the empty seats of the planes (there is on average 20% of empty seats by flight).

XFret has developed an in-cabin cargo container that has been designed to fit on the seats of a passenger plane. It was necessary to balance cargo security and passenger comfort on board to ensure a safe journey for both parties.

Its use allows both the increase of the aircraft cargo capacities. Moreover, thanks to this device, will allow companies to optimize their emissions by 2 to 6% per flight.

N°4 : Carbiolice

Carbiolice is a company that was founded in 2016 and wanted to solve the problem of plastics and their degradation. They managed to design a type of plastic that is fully compostable and biodegradable.

Plastics containing Evanesto (the solution developed by Carbiolice) are assimilated like biowaste by microorganisms and are completely transformed, without residue or toxicity, into compost in less than 200 days. This innovation is aimed at actors and clients of the flexible plastic films and plastic packaging markets (food, single-use plastic, agriculture, non-woven fibers).

This process increases the circularity of the plastic industry and reduces its environmental impact. Cabriolice can be one of the future major players in the world of packaging, thanks to their Evanesto system, they have the cards in their hands to make the world consumer industry more sustainable and, in the shorter term, less polluting.

N°5 : B:Bot

B:Bot is a company from Normandy whose objective is to give a second life to plastic bottles. They have reinvented the collection and recycling of plastic bottles. Their system is installed in supermarkets, interactive, intelligent, and connected, it sorts and crushes before your eyes the plastic bottles into flakes ready for recycling in short circuits.

It is important to know that today we have 17 billion plastic bottles in our garbage every year and only half of them are recycled. This intelligent robot transforms the bottles into flakes sorted by color, reducing the number of m3 and thus the logistic costs and the ecological impact; the flakes coming out of the robots are ready for recycling in a short circuit.

The B:Bot also offers a unique experience to its users by encouraging and educating them to recycle. For each bottle deposited, the user is rewarded with vouchers and can extend his gesture by donating to an association.

N°6 : Biostart

Biostart is a company that offers a new technological solution for water depollution. The 6 members of the team have developed an innovative technology for water depollution and the fight against micropollutants for industries, wastewater treatment plants, and households.

They have created a polymer made from components of plant origin, totally neutral for the environment, inexpensive, and recyclable. The stakes of this company are to anticipate the changes in regulation around the industrial discharges in the aquatic environments. The long-term goal is to become a major player in water decontamination and micropollutant treatment.

N°7 : Telaqua

Telaqua is a company that offers a simple solution to monitor, program, and optimize a large-scale irrigation system. Their goal is to provide solutions that are simple to install, easy to use, and universal for all farmers.

Initially, the Telaqua solution focuses on localized irrigation systems. This solution allows the monitoring of irrigation systems through alerts in case of water leaks or anomalies; the control through remote irrigation scheduling and the supervision to ensure that each plant is properly watered.

This is made possible thanks to connected sensors that collect data from the system; data processing algorithms to analyze and automate and finally an intuitive and multi-platform application to monitor and control the irrigation system.

N°8 : Ombrea

Ombrea is a company founded in 2016. It has found a climate regulation and control solution for field crops via the use of artificial intelligence. The company from the PACA region raised one million euros in 2019. Its goal is to promote sustainable and responsible agriculture.

Their technology consists of regulating and controlling the climate. The multi-patented mechanical system targets field crops and prevents agricultural hazards such as hail, frost, floods, or drought. The solution adjusts the climatic parameters and ensures that the plants have a microclimate adapted to their development.

Ombrea’s challenges are simple: to ensure the viability of food production systems and to implement productive agricultural practices capable of adapting to climate change.

N°9: Alto solution

Alto Solution works to create efficient infrastructures that provide access to clean energy at a competitive price. To achieve this, they have developed a breakthrough technology for concentrated solar power called Sol.CT.

It is a concentrating solar collector technology that increases plant performance (better wind resistance and increased optical efficiency) while significantly reducing the construction costs of solar thermal plants.

What does it look like? It is a parabolic trough, or parabolic trough collector, which allows the production of heat in a temperature range between 100 and 350°C. The challenge of this venture is to ensure that everyone has access to reliable, sustainable, and modern energy services at an affordable cost.

N°10 : Lumi’in

Lumi’in is a company located in the PACA region of France that has launched the creation of autonomous solar street lamps. These street lamps have been designed to provide efficient lighting through a simple, reliable, and fully autonomous system. They are intended for all sites that are not connected to the electrical network and that require connection fees.

The electrical energy produced by the photovoltaic modules is stored in batteries, to be restored during the night. Lumi’in has created a specialized design office for these installations that has developed materials and options specifically adapted to the needs formulated by the client.

This innovative technology may become part of the urban landscape of tomorrow. Lumi’in’s challenge is to develop an autonomous streetlight for outdoor lighting and to increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix.

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