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SNECI manages a Chinese supplier’s Supply Chain on a global platform

SNECI Manages A Chinese Supplier’s Supply Chain On A Global Platform

SNECI has been nominated to manage the Supply Chain for a Chinese supplier on a global platform of a Western OEM, for more than 2.5 million parts per year towards six plants, in France, Spain, Slovakia, and Morocco.

SNECI has already been managing the Supply Chain to Europe for this supplier since 2015, however, the scale of cooperation will increase greatly with this new project.

On this project, SNECI will manage the transportation of automobile parts from the supplier’s plants in China to the warehouses in France, Spain, Slovakia, and Morocco through a multimodal solution. SNECI’s experienced multilingual teams ensure a smooth communication between the warehouses (where the parts will be repacked), the supplier and the global OEM, to ensure a 100% service rate of the parts. SNECI also manages all the customs declarations, invoices in the name of the supplier, and follows up the payments. Finally, SNECI conducts an analysis of the stock versus the forecasts every day, to send a shipment plan to the supplier, in order to give him the necessary visibility in its production forecasts.

“With more than 2.5 million parts per year, for a project lifetime of more than 6 years, this global platform project is a cornerstone in the growth of SNECI’s Supply Chain activities, as well as the development of this supplier’s business in Europe”, according to Frédéric Laganier, Industrial Performance Director of SNECI. “Our added value on Supply Chain services has been acknowledged both by OEMs and suppliers in the past years, who appreciate our daily communication, our professionalism, and our reactivity, which ensure a 100% service rate. This also allows the suppliers to focus on their core business, R&D, and production, as working on such a complex flow can easily turn into a nightmare for their Supply Chain teams, but even more so for their Accounting teams. Working already on more than 100 flows, and with more than 40 warehouses in 11 countries gave us a strong experience which enabled us to win this business”.

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