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SNECI offers an emergency warehousing solution to an investment casting manufacturer.

SNECI Offers An Emergency Warehousing Solution To An Investment Casting Manufacturer.

In a context of increasingly complex supply chain with price increases, longer lead times and more and more complex customs clearance processes, many manufacturers prefer to anticipate potential stock shortages and have a safety stock nearby.

At the same time, suppliers, who are often dependent on their carriers and do not wish to be confronted with delay penalties, are looking for alternatives to store goods as close as possible to their end customers at a lower cost and in complete security. This is where we come, among our various areas of expertise at SNECI.

To overcome these various structural, technological, logistical and economic obstacles, SNECI provides over 450 experts throughout the world who can intervene to improve industrial performance in the fields of project management, quality, training, sorting & reworking, supply chain (purchasing & logistics) and business development.

This is how one of the South American leaders in precision casting molding manufacturing came to us as an emergency to provide a warehousing solution as close as possible to its end customer in France.


Offering a solution in 4 days to store 61 pallets from Latin America for an end customer in France. Our client’s warehousing solution could no longer handle and store new goods in transit and was therefore no longer adapted to the needs of our client, who had to find a solution urgently.

Our client needed the goods to be received, stored in one of SNECI’s warehouses with an average capacity equivalent to 100 square metres, as close as possible to the client, and delivered to the end customer.

We therefore proposed to receive containers: 2 to 3 times a month and to deliver them to the end customer once a week.

Duration of the mission :

Our support mission has now lasted for several years, but our agility allowed us to offer a weekly reception of goods for several months at the beginning. The aim of this trial phase was to validate with our client that our logistical management met their expectations.

Details of the mission :

SNECI made available to its client its logistical expertise, its experience and its facilities, as well as the means discussed with the client to provide a service with care and diligence in order to execute the services ordered in compliance with professional standards.

The calibration of the logistical, IT and other means has been established according to the flow and volume of goods and the data provided by our client.

It should be noted that the transfer of risks from our client to SNECI took place from the physical and effective handover of the goods to SNECI by our client until the return of the goods to our client or to its end customer.

Our daily mission:

1/ The reception of the flow of goods according to very precise rules requested by the final customer, namely :

  • Each packaging unit (CU and UM) must be identified.
  • All deliveries must be palletized
  • The total stacked weight must not exceed 1000 kg
  • The maximum height of a palletized load: 900 mm

2/ Checking the documents of the goods received

3/ Unloading the truck

4/ Storage of the goods in the SNECI warehouse

5/ Management of the stock rotation

6/ Reservation of a SNECI truck once a week for loading and delivery to the end customer according to the weekly delivery schedule communicated by our customer

7/ Weekly reporting on stock levels, with proof of delivery

8/ Repackaging and/or sorting when necessary.

What results for our client?

An agile, fast and local solution at no extra cost thanks to the responsiveness of the SNECI teams. Thanks to our support, our client was able to deliver to its end customer without delay while guaranteeing a safety stock.

Our agility allowed him to save the costs linked to the search for a new warehouse, to the search for a transport solution for the delivery of his end customer and therefore also to have to find the human resources necessary to set up this logistic flow.

Moreover, our intervention allowed our client to save a considerable amount of time, since in 48 hours we were able to provide a solution for reception in the warehouse 4 days later.

SNECI Warehousing’s solutions:

SNECI offers warehousing solutions in Europe, Africa and Russia through our 40 warehouses.

SNECI’s support in optimizing your supply chain includes :

  • Warehouse management by W.M.S. “computerized warehouse management”.
  • Adaptability to all types of EDI
  • Management and sharing of performance indicators adapted to your needs
  • Management of empty returnable packaging: gefbox, chepbox, ifast, alison…
  • Storage in bulk or in racks
  • Management of pickings, full pallets, mass area, kitting, co-packing, etc.
  • Repackaging – Supply management
  • Interfacing with suppliers
  • Traceability with our tracking tool
  • QR code reading
  • Kanban management

We also assist companies; industrialists or suppliers; in sorting and reworking when necessary at a global level since we intervene in : France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Morocco and India.

Why choose SNECI’s Warehousing solutions?

Our advantages are numerous, with 70 years of experience in the automotive industry, an industry of excellence and complexity:

  • Our geographical proximity to end customers
  • Our reactivity, flexibility and reliability in the management of claims (control and sorting of parts)
  • Our security of stocks
  • Our management of the prevention of production line stoppages
  • Our visibility of flows and security of the supply chain
  • Our cost optimization and control
  • Our partnerships with numerous transport and storage companies
  • Expertise in B2B customer portals to track and release your payments Cost optimization and cash flow improvement
  • Our knowledge of customs procedures thanks to our good relations with local customs

If you wish to entrust us with the storage and transport of your goods, please contact us via our online form.

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