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SNECI participated in the SKODA BeeGreen Hackathon

SNECI Participated In The SKODA BeeGreen Hackathon

SNECI, in collaboration with Kipsum, participated in the SKODA BeeGreen Hackathon held in Prague. This event is focused on finding solutions for sustainable customer experiences, innovative green business concepts, and supply chain sustainability. It provides a leading platform for industry leaders in the fight against climate change. At the end of February 2024, the event gathered 7 teams.

Highlighting Expertise in Sustainable Solutions

During this hackathon, SNECI demonstrated its expertise in CO2 emissions reduction, energy optimization, and other sustainable practices crucial for the automotive industry.

Beyond highlighting individual expertise, the Hackathon facilitated stakeholder collaboration to envision a greener future. SNECI has been actively sharing ideas and strategies for sustainable practices to drive positive change in the industry.

sneci skoda hackethon

BeeGreen Hackathon of Skoda

Encouraging Industrial Engagement

To support sustainability, SNECI encourages the sharing of ideas to amplify impacts. By sharing information about our commitments to sustainable solutions, we hope to inspire others to embrace the path to a greener, more sustainable future.

We appreciate the contribution of Jozef Lajda, his team, and Andreas Chochod during the event. They illustrate SNECI’s commitment to sustainability and progress. We also thank SKODA for this opportunity.

SNECI remains resolute in its ambition to promote innovation and decarbonization within the automotive industry. SNECI likes participating in events such as the SKODA BeeGreen Sustainability Hackathon because it catalyzes meaningful change. With continued commitment and collaboration, SNECI aims to pave the way towards a more environmentally friendly future.

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