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SNECI participates in SEAT’s supplier convention in Tangier

SNECI, represented by its Managing Director for Africa and Middle-East, was present at the first SEAT supplier convention in Morocco, which was held at TMSA’s headquarters in Tangier on September 20th. More than 20 car parts manufacturers were present together with representatives of the Ministry of Industry and of the Moroccan trade association AMICA.

During this convention of an exceptional nature, SEAT announced its ambitions in terms of sourcing from Morocco. The sourcing plans of the new SEAT Leon due to start in production in 2019 include Morocco as one of the 3 main sourcing countries, together with Spain and Portugal.

In addition, SEAT announced the new responsibility of its Purchasing team within VW group to address the North African market, and introduced the teams in charge of the different families of components.

SEAT’s management also underlined their 3 priorities to develop sourcing from Morocco:

  1. A deep localization with more tier 2 and 3 suppliers
  2. A better competitiveness in raw materials sourcing
  3. A better competitiveness in logistics for exports

These priorities are shared by the AMICA representatives, who act jointly with the Ministry’s teams in order to improve the value proposition of Sourcing from Morocco on those items.

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