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SNECI presents its activities on localization project at PSA’s Supplier Convention in Kaluga, Russia

SNECI Presents Its Activities On Localization Project At PSA’s Supplier Convention In Kaluga, Russia

SNECI recently participated in PSA’s Supplier Convention at the production site of PCMA in Kaluga, Russia. During the convention, PSA stressed its goal of optimizing production costs by focusing on increasing the localization of production in Russia from 35-50% in two years.

SNECI’s Russia teams are performing this local integration mission in collaboration with PCMA. SNECI Project Manager Anna Komusheva explained the work plan and supplier concerns in meeting this challenge. SNECI Russia is not only in charge of searching and qualifying local suppliers, but also ensuring the quality and technical level of each proposed supplier correspond to PSA standards. Thanks to SNECI Russia’s skills in purchasing and coaching suppliers, the suppliers chosen by PSA will be able to join PCMA’s panel and respond to future consultations.

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