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2 first contracts for SNECI in Iran

2 First Contracts For SNECI In Iran

SNECI has signed two agreements with some major Iranian Tier 1 suppliers:

  • Mehr Cam Pars, the leader in bumpers, dashboards, and car seats. The purpose of this mission is to evaluate and improve the quality system management.
  • Ettehad Motor is a major supplier of electric and wiping motors. The purpose of this mission is to provide quality support related to the PSA-IKAP project.

Through these missions, SNECI commits to provide support to Iranian automotive suppliers in improving their industrial performance, to meet the global car manufacturers’ requirements.

Given the end of the embargo in 2016, more and more OEMs are looking to restart their industrial activities in Iran, which cannot be done successfully without improving the overall quality performance of local suppliers. SNECI, thanks to its expertise in Quality and deep knowledge of Western OEMs’ methodologies, is perfectly equipped to accompany Iranian suppliers to improve their quality level to Western standards.

By developing its activities in Iran, SNECI shows its strong will to meet automotive manufacturers’ needs in a strategic market.

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