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SNECI referenced by Datadock

SNECI Referenced By Datadock

Datadock has validated SNECI as a Training Organization in compliance with 21 Quality Criteria, which are ensuring your trainings to be covered by funding institutions.

Indeed, the Decree of March 5th, 2014 gives to the Funding Institutions of professional training the responsibility to follow-up and control the quality of Training Organizations with which they work. The objective is to improve the transparency of the training offers and to progressively boost the quality of the training courses.

This Decree gives the six following criteria which have to be Assessed:

  • Precise identification of the training objectives and their adaptation to the trained workforce.
  • Adaptation of the reception arrangements, pedagogic follow-up and the evaluation of the trainees.
  • Adequacy of the pedagogical, technical and supervision tools of the training offer.
  • Professional qualification and continuous training of the Trainers.
  • The conditions of information of the public on the training offers, its access deadlines and the results obtained.
  • Take into account the feedbacks given by the Trainees.

This way, SNECI increases the capacity of its Training Offer to suit the needs of the public to be trained.

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