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SNECI RUSS expands its cooperation with RENAULT-NISSAN Alliance in Russia

SNECI RUSS Expands Its Cooperation With RENAULT-NISSAN Alliance In Russia

Last September 12th RENAULT held a Supplier Convention dedicated to its Russian suppliers of components at its Moscow plant.

After welcoming the participants, Renault directors described the current and future projects. Suppliers were encouraged to increase their efforts to meet their objectives in terms of quality.

The Convention was prepared and conducted by RENAULT’s local procurement, quality and engineering teams. SNECI was invited to take part in this Convention owing to its international expertise in tools and quality management methods. SNECI took this opportunity to inform the Russian suppliers about the existing tools to improve their industrial performance and profitability in reducing quality problems. Thanks to specific trainings and coaching sessions, SNECI is able to help RENAULT’s local suppliers to improve their industrial performance.

SNECI’s experience of conducting similar missions successfully in many countries is a guarantee of high-level achievements for both the Alliance and its Russian suppliers.

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