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SNECI sponsors French-Slovak Chamber of Commerce wine tasting event

SNECI Sponsors French-Slovak Chamber Of Commerce Wine Tasting Event

SNECI proudly supports and participates to the “Spring Pearls” wine tasting event organized by the French-Slovak Chamber of Commerce (FSOK) in Bratislava on March, 14th 2018.

At the heart of the French-Slovak business ecosystem, this event has two main objectives: actively participate in the French and Slovak business community and develop intercultural exchanges between those two countries.

As a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), SNECI wants to demonstrate that being located in several countries is not only restricted to large multinational corporations. SMEs can have at the same time international ambitions and be successful on this journey: SNECI wishes to serve as an example to be followed by other French and Slovak companies by encouraging them to expand internationally. While it is not a smooth journey, we know that it is possible if the companies chose the right resources to match their ambitions, as we have done it ourselves and accompany several SMEs internationally to win new automotive markets abroad.

Let’s discuss about it around a good glass of wine!

SNECI CEE team is grateful to French-Slovak Chamber of Commerce for such an opportunity!

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