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SNECI services in BD eligible for French subsidies

SNECI Services In BD Eligible For French Subsidies

We are happy to announce that our Business Development services are eligible for Assistance Prospecting Insurance (Assurance Prospection Accompagnement, APA) from Bpifrance. What does this mean?

Any French company that intends to start export or overseas activities and therefore wants to identify markets best suited for its business can benefit from financial support to help carry out these projects.

The Assistance Prospecting Insurance from Bpifrance will partially finance the company’s prospecting expenses while insuring it against the risk of export failure.

Several types of services are available:

  • Audit and Export Diagnosis to determine the company’s ability to export through a complete assessment of its internal and external environment.
  • Export Strategy Development to support the company in establishing its export strategy or a part of it.
  • Market Prioritization and Market Study to facilitate targeting of the countries that the company wishes to enter following the research of their main characteristics, such as market potential and accessibility, and related risks. 
  • Individual Prospecting to help the company not only identify potential foreign prospects that might be interested in goods and services it provides but also ensure a good relationship between the two parties.

Last year, SNECI was also selected by the French government as an official provider of the “Chèque Relance Export” initiative. Thanks to this program, Small and Medium Size Businesses looking to develop internationally can benefit from government subsidies to finance part of their export services including Export Strategy Consulting, Market Study, and Business Development.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to have more information on these programs (conditions of eligibility, subsidies amount, etc.).

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