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TUOPU nominated as a supplier of pulleys for a French OEM

TUOPU Nominated As A Supplier Of Pulleys For A French OEM

TUOPU, a Chinese supplier of anti-vibration products, aluminum suspension, interior trimming and automotive electric appliance, with more than 30 factories worldwide, has been nominated with its partner SNECI as a supplier of pulleys for a major French OEM. This is the first time that TUOPU is nominated to supply pulleys in Europe.

SNECI, TUOPU’s partner in Europe and China, has already put in place a robust Project Management support close to the OEM in order to successfully develop this major project.

SNECI has been supporting its Chinese client in Europe and Asia since 2013. Only two years ago, TUOPU was nominated together with SNECI on a global platform for engine mounts for a European OEM. 

In 2018, TUOPU should achieve a turnover of about 1 billion USD, half of which comes from anti-vibration products.

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