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Because the quality of your parts impacts your turnover and your customer/supplier relationship

Entrust us with your sorting and rework needs, we intervene in 14 countries in less than 2 hours with qualified and efficient teams! SNECI accompanies your deliveries locally by managing the sorting and reworking operations.

Number of products sorted / controlled / reworked
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Details of the service

Setting up and monitoring of sorting operations either in our warehouses or directly in your factories or customer sites.

Countries of intervention: France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Morocco and India.

We started the sorting and rework activity in 2010 with several global automotive OEMs, before extending our services to manufacturers and other industries.

Among our activities:

  • Simple sorting and rework
  • Rework: bodywork, paint, foundry
  • Other services: waste management measurement and analysis

With our exceptional expertise in quality management, SNECI controls and manages the entire quality value chain to secure your products.


  • Complete quality value chain, from level 0 (quality wall) to level 3 (crisis management)
  • Mastery of customer quality requirements
  • Dedicated teams to provide the highest quality standard

The SNECI SRW© digital tool developed by SNECI for the management of sorting and reworking activities thanks to 70 years of experience in the high expectations of highly demanding industries.

It allows to :

  • Consolidate a database
  • Create automatic mission orders
  • Generate document starter kits
  • Generate analysis reports

CSR approach through waste management

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