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Improving your Supply Chain is the number one lever to increase your profitability

Improve your competitive advantage by optimizing your purchasing and supply chain. We support you in sourcing your products, and for transportation, customs clearance, warehousing and invoicing around the world!

Average gain in purchasing mission
Number of qualified suppliers
Number of flows managed on a daily basis
Number of parts transported per year



  • Costing to quickly identify and capture purchasing gains
  • Local integration simulation: trade-off calculations to optimize your investments while respecting local regulations
  • Sourcing of suppliers and management of tenders (RFI, RFQ)
  • Supplier evaluations and audits with follow-up and support planning
  • International purchasing and supply management and component trading/brokering
  • Global and complex missions such as Design-to-Cost, Make-or-Buy and Monozukuri analysis


  • Supply Chain Engineering through the study of different multi-modal logistics scenarios
  • Packaging specifications and recommendations to optimize the overall cost of the supply chain
  • Implementation, operations management (forecasts, inventory management, EDI, repacking, milk run, deliveries etc.) and daily administration (invoicing, payment follow-up, taxes and customs operations) of the logistics flows
  • Tracing of door-to-door logistics flows and customized Incoterms (FCL, LCL, Express etc.)
  • Optimization of customs strategy
  • Reorganization of logistics in the factory with our turnkey solutions or technical assistance
  • Carbon impact measurement and reduction proposals



  • Database of more than 12,000 qualified suppliers worldwide (components on more than 15 commodities, tools, etc.)
  • Costing and local integration tools
  • Long experience of local integration in emerging countries
  • Proven expertise with experienced teams, robust and proven processes and methodologies (Monozukuri, …)


  • Partnerships with numerous transport and warehousing companies
  • Management of more than 40 warehouses in Europe
  • Expertise of customers’ B2B portals to track and unlock your payments
  • Cost optimization and cash flow improvement
  • Mastery of customs and tax issues in more than 45 countries
  • AEO (Agreed Economica Operator) organization for taxes and customs operations
  • Knowledge of customs regimes thanks to our good relationship with local customs
  • Support in reducing your carbon footprint

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