Purchasing & Cost Management - PCM02 - Inter/Intra
This training is addressed to all public actors, Managers and Project Managers involved in cost reduction.
2 days

    Training content

    1. History od Monozukuri

    2. Modern Definition of Monozukuri – Levers

    3. Some public examples (Renault, PSA, EPSON,…)

    4. Link with TPS (Toyota Production System)

    • TPS indicators
    • TPS videos

    5. The Monozukuri, the ultimate step of Lean

    • The 25 main tools od Lean

    6. The reasoning in full costs

    7. The organization of Monozukuri workshops

    • The 5 building sites
    • The indicator grid to document and pilot

    8. Monozukuri and Quality

    • Quality Management
    • Cost and consequences of non-quality
    • Encryption of a vehicle recall after an incident on a small piece od a complex system

    9. Examples and practical cases

    10. Gains collected at the end of Monozukuri

    11. Quiz and QCM validation

    Pedagogical means linked to this training

    Based on a dynamic pedagogy and teamwork, the participants will carry out practical exercises.

    Questionnaire for validation of achievements.

    A participant manual and specific materials are available for the trainees. It is based on practice exercises, case study and experience sharing between participants. The training is focused on personalized work and practice. It alternates between methodological contributions and interaction between the participants.


    If the training takes place in your company, it can continue with an animation of a Monozukuri site on a theme chosen and prepared in advance.

    Intended audience

    • Managers and Project Managers involved in cost reduction
    • All actors with no prerequisites

    Objectives and results

    • This training can lead to the organization, the accompaniment and piloting a Monozukuri construction site in your factories and / or your suppliers. At the end of this training, validated by a QCM and a quiz, you will be able to pilot a Monozukuri process.


    No prerequisites needed.

    Your trainer

    The trainer of this training is a Purchasing, Quality and Monozukuri Expert who has many years of experience with a car manufacturer and a very good knowledge of equipment manufacturers.

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