Purchasing & Cost Management - PCM01 - Inter/Intra
The purchase is a strategic lever that will allow you to: (1) Develop and manage relationships with suppliers; (2) Contribute to the innovation process; (3) Control the risks; (4) Optimize costs; (5) Create value.
2 days

    Training content

    1. Know and identify needs

    2. Analyze the need and express it clearly

    3. Analyze the supplier market

    4. Implement effective sourcing

    5. Drawing up contracts

    6. Evaluate the performance


    The acquired skills are evaluated and validated at the end of the training by a QCM type test. It will be self-corrected by the participants with the trainer.

    Participants will receive a certificate of participation in the training.

    Training methodology

    Courses, exercices.

    The training will allow you to understand the 5 chronological phases of the purchase process. It will be based on theoretical and practical examples. During the training the participants will carry out practical exercises.

    Questionnaire for validation of the acquired skills.

    Participant manual and specific support available to trainees.

    Intended audience

    • Buyer
    • Quality Department
    • Logistic Service
    • Commercial teams
    • Administrative Department
    • Anyone wishing to acquire skills in carrying out purchasing procedures

    Objectives and results

    • Guarantee and optimize production needs at the best quality / cost / time ratio
    • Guarantee and optimize savings and procurement processes by developing a technical expertise and streamlining the supplier panel
    • Create, communicate, implement a purchasing strategy in line with the company’s strategy


    Knowledge of industrial B to B markets & adhere to the company’s strategy.

    Your trainer

    Our trainer has 20 years of experience as a buyer, commercial engineer and negotiator in the industrial sector.

    This will be an opportunity to put into practice the latest tools in terms of sourcing, choice and management of suppliers, negotiation and drafting of contracts.

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