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Interview with Isabelle Bailly, Chairman SNECI, in China Corp. 2015 Automotive

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Interview with Isabelle Bailly, Chairman of SNECI Group


Isabelle Bailly

Isabelle Bailly – Chairman

China  Corp: Isabelle Bailly, as Chairman of SNECI you participated to the visit of a French business delegation headed by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls to China. Could you tell us more about this visit?
Isabelle  Bailly: Indeed, I was honored to be part of this delegation visiting China with 30 prominent French CEOs. We had the opportunity to meet Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Chinese officials to discuss important topics like CO2 emissions reduction. I also met more than 15 Chinese companies to talk about SNECI Services can provide to Chinese automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

CCorp: What Services are these?
Bailly: SNECI’s 8 Services are specifically conceived to support the international commercial development of our automotive clients and to improve their industrial performance. We promote our clients with Market Strategy and Business Development activities. Accompany them during their projects with Services like Project Management, Training and Audit & Quality and support them during production with Supply Chain and Distribution solutions. These Services can be contracted independently or as full service package.

CCorp: What concretely does this mean for your activities in China?
Bailly: With our office in Shanghai we have direct access to the Chinese market. Through our extended contacts we help European suppliers to gain business and to establish their sites in China. For companies in Europe searching Chinese suppliers we identify potential suppliers, assess them and help chosen suppliers to upgrade their performance to the required level. For Chinese suppliers wishing to enter the European market we build a strategy and find potential customers through our Partnership & M&A and Business Development activities. SNECI’s Chinese engineers in the Shanghai and Paris offices ensure seamless communication between the parties making SNECI an organization our European and Chinese customers are satisfied with.

CCorp: Isabelle Bailly, thank you for this interview.

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