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Isabelle Bailly participated in the South Mediterranean and Middle East regional meeting

Isabelle Bailly Participated In The South Mediterranean And Middle East Regional Meeting

About a hundred business leaders, including Isabelle BAILLY, President of SNECI, as well as the heads of the economic departments of the embassies in the region, took part in the South Mediterranean and Middle East Regional Meeting of Foreign Trade Advisors, which was held from 11 to 15 January for the first time in Tel Aviv, Israel.

ECCs from more than 15 countries participated such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, but also France and Greece…

On the last day, an exclusive meeting with forty leaders was organized around President Isaac Herzog and the French Ambassador to Israel, Eric Danon.

It was an opportunity to discuss new agreements and new opportunities for South-North Mediterranean flows and mobilities with various round tables proposed:

  • Integration of Europe – South Mediterranean economies and markets
  • Logistics, securing the supply chain
  • New energy markets in the Mediterranean
  • Transport and mobility in the Mediterranean

The round table on Logistics, securing the supply chain, in which Isabelle participated, highlighted the fragility of the supply chain due to various external constraints such as : 

  • Geopolitical crises: conflict in Ukraine, tensions between China and Taiwan, etc.
  • Complex raw material supply with rare earths in risky countries: DRC, China, …..
  • Unprecedented inflation in recent years: rising interest rates, energy costs, freight costs, etc., making it impossible for the supply chain to pass on all these costs
  • Large manufacturers developing a vertical integration strategy to secure their supply chain, thus further weakening the supply chain
  • Increasingly volatile end-consumer behavior’s linked to a decline in purchasing power

Dimitri Xylinas, Isabelle Bailly, Christian Maitre, Anne Baer, Fredéric Schriqui, Bertrand de la Noue

During this round table, Isabelle explained that :

  • SNECI has been doing business with Israel for nearly 30 years
  • In recent years, collaboration has been mainly with Israeli start-ups in the field of GreenTech and NewTech
  • The Gulf countries are thinking about creating an automotive sector to diversify their economy.
  • There is a technological and industrial complementarity between Israelis and certain countries in the region, which would represent a favourable axis of cooperation once the Abraham agreements (signed in September 2020 between the United Arab Emirates & Israel) are extended.

Beyond Israel, it is the whole region that could soon play the role of global technological epicenter. Isabelle explained, “The Middle East can play a role as a hub between Asia and Europe. One of the schemes could be to buy components in Asia, deliver them by plane to the area to assemble systems as close as possible to the end customers and thus contain the migratory flows while maintaining pressure on costs.”

Olivier Cadic, Senator for the French abroad – Isballe Bailly, President of SNECI – Eric Danon, French Ambassador to Israel

SNECI with its expertise in purchasing and logistics:

SNECI has been assisting manufacturers and suppliers in supply chain matters for over 70 years.

With 70 years of expertise and a presence in 10 countries, we support our customers through our supply chain expertise by managing: transport, customs clearance, warehousing and invoicing throughout the world! Our clients no longer have to manage their logistics operations, saving internal resources and reducing risks. Our common goal is to streamline operations and achieve a 100% service level.

In Logistics our expertise is based on : 

  • Supply Chain Engineering through the study of different multimodal logistics scenarios
  • Packaging specifications and recommendations to optimize the overall cost of the supply chain
  • Implementation, operations management (forecasts, inventory management, EDI, repacking, milk run, deliveries, etc.) and daily administration (invoicing, payment tracking, taxes and customs operations) of logistics flows – Click here to consult our detailed RASI
  • Tracing of door-to-door logistics flows and customized Incoterms (FCL, LCL, Express etc.)
  • Optimization of customs procedures
  • Reorganization of factory logistics with our turnkey solutions or technical assistance
  • Carbon impact measurement and reduction proposals

We also support our industrial clients and suppliers in sourcing their products worldwide in order to improve their competitive advantage by optimizing their purchases.

Well aware that the international context makes relationships with suppliers increasingly complex, we act in the interests of our customers to not only rationalize costs but above all to preserve margins on existing markets.

In Purchasing, we offer the following solutions :

  • Costing to quickly identify and capture purchasing gains
  • Local integration simulation: trade-off calculations to optimize your investments while respecting local regulations
  • Sourcing of suppliers & Management of tenders (RFI, RFQ)
  • Supplier evaluations and audits with follow-up and support planning
  • International purchasing and supply management and component trading/brokering
  • Global and complex missions such as Design-to-Cost, Make-or-Buy and Monozukuri analysis

As you can see, with 70 years of expertise, SNECI supports manufacturers and suppliers by giving them the means to achieve operational excellence, whether it be on supplier sourcing, auditing, management of complex industrial projects, training & coaching or sorting and reworking, not to mention our purchasing and logistics teams. We can also support our customers on the commercial side through market research, business development…

So if you also wish to have additional information and benefit from SNECI’s support, do not hesitate to contact us via our website.

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