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Nuclear industrial strategy and capacity increase

Nuclear Industrial Strategy And Capacity Increase

SNECI recently supported a French mid-sized company in the field of nuclear power, water treatment and energy in its industrial strategy. Its production sites are located mainly in 3 geographic areas: China / France / United States. The company in question notably manufactures valve and actuator systems.

This company is experiencing a significant growth phase and must manage performance issues.

It mandated SNECI to support it in:

  • its industrial performance,
  • the increase in its volume of activity,
  • improving the efficiency of its Sourcing and Supply Chain.

Our intervention was structured around 3 main missions: transition management, industrial strategy and search for suppliers.

Transition management

SNECI has made one of its Experts, specialized in Industrial Performance, available to manage future industrial projects. Our Expert has been fully integrated into our client’s COMEX. This is to take over a 100% operational role, in managing teams and executing action plans. This support takes place over a period of 12+ months.

Industrial strategy and capacity growth

In order to prepare for the next deadlines, the SNECI teams are leading a consulting mission dedicated to industrial strategy, integrating the sizing & CAPEX aspect, and also the Make or Buy policy.

To do this, the mission takes place in 4 stages:

  1. One kilometer Zero,
  2. The construction of different industrial strategy scenarios,
  3. Validation and construction of the Action Plan,
  4. Supporting change in the implementation and involvement of teams in the field.

Our intervention allowed our client to optimize its industrial Footprint and associated investments, while increasing daily performance.

Providers search

We also supported our client in opening its supplier base in new territories. Thus, the SNECI team managed the RFI and RFQ as part of new projects. The scope included 140 items to be consulted in 4 regions, divided into 6 to 8 RFQ lots. Our service enabled the company to rationalize its supplier base and find more efficient partners.

A team of experts to support you

Our support has enabled this mid-sized company to be better equipped to face the challenges of competition and growth.

The pillars of our support:

  • Assistance with new launches,
  • Increase in production,
  • Improvement of the pool of current and future suppliers,
  • Rationalization of Supply Chain flows.

SNECI’s support was a success thanks to the combination of several factors:

  • In-depth expertise in the industrial sector,
  • A team of experienced specialists,
  • A personalized approach adapted to the needs of the company.

We support companies of all sizes and from all sectors in their industrial transformation.

For more information on this project or to be assisted in your industrial strategy, please contact us at or our contact page.

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