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Overcoming production planning challenges with SNECI CEE

Overcoming Production Planning Challenges With SNECI CEE

Changes might be difficult. With considerable quality and time constraints, changes are especially drastic for such complex organizations as car part manufacturers.

Although every new project brings new opportunities, changes that a supplier has to make to introduce new product lines or volumes might be challenging. As every project launch affects other ongoing programs in the plant, the production site has to adapt its planning. Moreover, successful and rapid integration of production planning and control systems becomes crucial to achieve a cost-efficient and effective manufacturing process.

Thorough development of production planning brings many benefits to the car part supplier including:

  • Better customers’ service rate
  • Reduced IDLE time
  • Good public image of the company and, therefore, attractiveness as an employer
  • Improved plant morale
  • Lower capital requirements
  • Better inventory

Quite often suppliers require temporary external support to set up and optimize new production planning during a project launch due to a lack of managerial resources or competencies inside of the company. 

SNECI Central & Eastern Europe has recently assisted a supplier of plastic injection gearbox parts in the optimization of its production planning. After three months of working closely with the client, we have successfully implemented a new planning process reinforced by customized software to manage the manufacturing schedules daily.

As a result, our client has improved plant morale due to more transparent communications as well as achieved significant extra hour reductions. Furthermore, by redefining job responsibilities within the production team, we have ensured the sustainable work of the plant in case of sickness or sudden departure of key employees.

Last but not least, SNECI’s intervention had a positive impact on stock optimization and plant’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) thanks to more accurate planning and well-organized manufacturing operations.

Project launch is a determining step to the suppliers’ success. SNECI’s Project Management team in Central and Eastern Europe is providing full-time or temporary support to dozens of automotive suppliers in the region, assisting our clients in overcoming the challenges of complex production processes.

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