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Implementation of 5S principles in Motokom Velky Meder

Implementation Of 5S Principles In Motokom Velky Meder

5S principles starts with SORT, which is a collaborative effort to remove all items from the working area that are not needed to do the work (what is needed is defined by those doing the work) and to bring in any items missing that are needed to do the work.

We then SET-IN-ORDER what is needed to do the work based on how the work is done. This step includes assessing where the items are needed (point of use) and how frequently we need them. Those criteria are matched with a concerted effort to make things vertical and visual.

Now it is time to SHINE: to deeply clean the work area and the equipment. Through our deep cleaning, we inspect the tools and equipment for signs of degradation or poor conditions that could be early indicators of a future failure.

We need to STANDARDIZE simple, visual, and manual processes to ensure we maintain our new current state of order. We need a plan that will communicate when and where to clean. We need replenishment systems that will ensure we always have the consumables we need when we need them. We need a checklist to ensure we are consistently setting things back in order and inspecting the state of our equipment.

So who is winning now: entropy or us?

We can’t be sure until we SUSTAIN the gains by implementing a system of layered audits that will score or measure our efforts toward creating an organized workplace.

SNECI provides several training modules and its team has recently presented one of them to Motokom Velky Meder – 5S Workshop: Safe, Clean & Tidy Up Work Environmnet. Motokom is part of GMD Group, who produces stamping metal parts for automotive industry.

The 5S Workshop is a specifically developed training for automotive suppliers on 5S methods and their application on a pilot project during. 5S practice purpose is to set up a safe, clean and tidy-up work environment and set up baselines for continuous improvement culture.

On the first day our experience trainer has explained them both principles and benefits of 5s training as they didn’t use them in their company.

He started by using the 5s principles on the work desks, which are important for quality and quantity as well.

After training, we marked several of zones:

  1. The stamping
  2. Welding room
  3. Warehouses
  4. The Yard

We have also determined a leader and supervisors responsible for each zone.

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