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SNECI has successfully finalized a logistic platform reorganization

SNECI Has Successfully Finalized A Logistic Platform Reorganization

As a part of our activities in Purchasing & Supply Chain, SNECI Central & Eastern Europe provides logistic optimisation support to local suppliers.

Last year SNECI CEE has supported a major European Tier 1 supplier during a rollout of its new project on logistic platform reorganization. The main challenge was to conduct a necessary warehouse reorganisation without disturbing the ongoing production.

“From the very beginning, we knew that our main goal would be to completely secure internal logistics. This only could have been possible through optimizing the existing production planning activities, reviewing their processes and, finally, implementing an SAP system,” says Jozef Lajda, Director of SNECI CEE.

The significant growth of production had a negative impact on the warehouse’s space. In addition, various OEMs required a different organization of their supply chains.

“Space availability reached its limits very quickly and the supplier had to consider an externalization of the warehouse,” comments Jozef Lajda. “However, in order to start developing technical requirements for the warehouse externalization, we had to know what was already available in the stock. Therefore, we had to conduct an extensive inventory”.

Gaining more space by externalising the warehouse of finished products allowed our client to store more components and optimize the kitting preparation work in the factory warehouse.

Finally, we have established a new communication channel between OEMs, our client, and the external warehouse, using a third party solution, to ensure a stable flow of 180 trucks every day.

“I was really proud of my team when I saw the plant ramping up in the production with such a significant growth!” concludes Jozef Lajda.

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