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TUOPU nominated on a global platform of a major European OEM

TUOPU nominated with SNECI on a global platform

Founded in 1983 in Ningbo, China, TUOPU is an automotive supplier of engine mounts, structure parts, chassis products, interior trims, and auto mechatronics. It has an enormous production capacity, employs more than 8 500 people and has an annual turnover of 709 million USD. Since its creation, TUOPU has opened 21 plants in China and has recently inaugurated its first plant abroad, in Brazil.

Only one year after its foundation, TUOPU initiated a partnership with a local OEM Beijing Jeep (today Beijing Benz). In 1992, the supplier started its collaboration with Volkswagen, making the first step toward its internationalization. Today, the company has become a global player providing parts for many local and foreign OEMs.

Moreover, TUOPU has opened 5 R&D centers between 1999 and 2016 and reinvests 5% of its sales into new technical research. Besides continuously pushing for innovation, the company remains strongly committed to the quality of manufacturing. Indeed, the supplier aims at a 0 PPM and follows “To be the best” quality guidelines.

SNECI, as a partner of TUOPU, has been accelerating the growth of the Chinese supplier since 2013. SNECI conducts specific Market studies as well as brings assistance in Business development, exploring new opportunities for its client.

After 3 years of successful cooperation, and a few projects already won, we are pleased to inform that TUOPU has been nominated with its partner SNECI on a global platform for engine mounts for a major European OEM. SNECI has already put in place a robust Project Management support close to the OEM in order to successfully develop this major project.

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