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SNECI coaching activities, what is it?

SNECI Coaching Activities, What Is It?

We help companies to improve their industrial performance through training activities, coaching activities. But what does coaching stand for?

Coaching for us is above all working together with our customer to solve an issue, to implement new processes or to ensure the respect of existing standards within the company. Our capability goes around following domains: quality, product & process development, logistics, serial quality, project management and lean manufacturing.

Our consultancy work in the automotive sector helps our clients with:

  • Reduction in cell PPM defects
  • Setting up new areas and systems for productions
  • Discovery of root causes and identifying effective counter measurements for future use

It always starts with a diagnosis. SNECI thanks to its long history developed set of tools that helps us to understand you objectively. We assess what goes well and areas of improvement. Once we agree on those points we propose an action plan but we execute it together with clear objective. These missions can last few days up to long term missions.

Coaching by SNECI is above all the best way to destroy the barrier between theoretical training approach and practical life in the production. Do you have issues with internal logistics? Do you need to implement lean management or you simply struggle with visual management? We are always here to support you.

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