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SNECI guest speaker at the 5th IAIIC in Iran

SNECI Guest Speaker At The 5th IAIIC In Iran

SNECI was invited by the Iranian authorities to speak at the 5th Iran Automotive Industry International Conference, in front of more than 2,000 people on February 13th in Tehran.

The conference was opened by Dr. Mansour Moazami (Chairman of the Executive Board of IDRO), and Dr. Moammad Shariatmadari, Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, gave a speech to finish the morning session.

The following speakers were Hashem Yekeh Zare (IKCO President & CEO), Mohsen Jaroudi (SAIPA Group President & CEO), Jean-Christophe Quémard (EVP for Middle East & Africa of PSA Group, member of the Board) and Pascal Felten (Country Managing Director of Renault in Iran), as well as Jacques Mauge (Chairman of the Board of FIEV), Isabelle Bailly (Chairman of SNECI), Dr. Hosein Najjari (SAPCO CEO), Fariborz Shahbaz (SAIPA Citroën CEO) and Mohamadreza Motamed (IKAP CEO).

Isabelle Bailly explained what French manufacturers were expecting from Iranian suppliers, and why quality at the right level was needed to have a competitive Iranian auto industry.

Isabelle Bailly explained the privileged relations between France and Iran in the automotive sector as well as the expectations towards the Iranian suppliers, in terms of quality, to allow the Iranian auto industry to be competitive.

This conference was an opportunity for SNECI to highlight recent successes in Iran, and to sign new contracts with Iranian customers.
Our activities in Iran are driven by the strength of the local automotive market, and by the fact that OEMs need to quickly increase their local integration rate to remain competitive, following the sharp devaluation of the Iranian rial in recent months“, commented Isabelle Bailly.

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